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Year-End Planning Checklist

December 01, 2021

Updated for 2022

To help bring a little order to your Year-End Planning, we’ve come up with a spiffy little checklist for you.

It seems we always get to the end of the year and wonder…where did the time go?

And while we’re dreaming of eggnog lattes and crackling fireplaces we know there’s still a lot of work to be done before we can be merry and on our way. So, our team here at Jane put our collective minds together to create for you a Year-End Planning Checklist 👇. A helpful way to bring a bit of order to your end-of-year wrapping up.

You can save the PDF below to your desktop and check items off as you near the final weeks of the year. Really, who doesn’t like checking things off this time of year? Sometimes even twice…

If you’re also on the lookout for some additional resources for your year-end, we’ve got you covered.

From us to you, Happy Holidays.

The Jane Team 💙

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