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Clinic Study: Jane’s New Billing Integration at Active Spine and Joint Center

July 11, 2023

Meet Cassie, chiropractic assistant, clinic admin, and chief problem solver for Active Spine and Joint Center. 👋

Michelle and John from the Jane team had the pleasure of sitting down with Cassie to chat about her experience with our newest billing feature, Integrated Claims with Claim.MD.

Cassie and her clinic, which consists of 4 Chiropractic Physicians and 4 Chiropractic Assistants, transitioned from Chirotouch to Jane in August 2020. “After the initial bit of chaos that comes with a transition, we found Jane to be lightyears ahead,” Cassie tells us.

Over the past 3 years, Cassie and her team have helped Jane beta-test countless features. So when she happened across the beta for Integrated Claims with Claim.MD one day, she decided to check it out.

“They made it so easy.”

Cassie says, “We had been using Office Ally for 14 years, so I booked a 30-minute demo with Claim.MD and grilled the guy with every question I could think of.” She says she immediately liked how intuitive and easy-to-use the Claim.MD interface was. Soon after, she took the leap and started the process of transitioning clearinghouses.

“They made it so easy,” Cassie says of her enrollment experience with Claim.MD. “I remember doing enrollment with Office Ally 14 years ago, and then again every time we had a new provider come work with us, and it was so time-consuming and confusing. With Claim.MD, I was able to view a PDF, all the necessary info was pre-populated, and then I could send it off with a click.”

The whole process of submitting enrollment for her providers took about 2 hours of admin time, Cassie tells us, and she was able to submit claims for a few payers in a matter of days. Overall, it took about 4 weeks until all of their payers had processed their enrollments. When asked about the overall experience, Cassie says, “Waiting for that last payer was a little tense, with claims starting to pile up. But overall, Claim.MD made it easy and it was so worth it for how much better our billing is now.”

“What used to take an entire week is now a day and a half!”

When we asked how things have been going with Integrated Claims, Cassie told us what a positive impact it’s had. “What used to take an entire week can now be done in a day and a half!” she says, remarking that she’ll be able to find different work for her in-house biller to do now.

Cassie also mentioned that the clinic’s cash flow has improved. “There’s less risk of losing claims or submitting duplicates in the download/upload process”, she tells us. “With the integration, the whole process from a claim being sent to posting payment is faster — you can send batches off sooner because it takes less time and mental load to submit them from Jane. That means knowing if there are any denials faster and getting errors resolved quicker. Claim.MD even catches errors before claims are sent.”

When asked about posting payments, Cassie mentioned that she loves that she can tell at-a-glance when new ERAs have been pulled into Jane. “I can go in and post a few payments between checking-in patients, rather than having to set aside time to look for what we received in Office Ally and then pull them into Jane.”

“We’re paying less now…”

Something we were curious about was pricing, so we asked Cassie how the switch to Claim.MD had affected their monthly clearinghouse costs. “Oh, we’re paying less now than we were with Office Ally,” she tells us. “When we started with them 14 years ago, our monthly bill was $0, and then it was $35, and then $35 per provider. By the end, 95% of our claims were on Office Ally’s non-participating list.” With Claim.MD, the unlimited plan is $100 per billing provider so, since all of Cassie’s providers bill under the same tax ID, their total cost is down almost 40%.

It was great to hear that the pricing was working out well for the team at Active Spine and Joint Center, but we were curious to hear her thoughts on how it might feel for a solo provider. “Oh, so worth it for the time savings and reduced mental load,” Cassie says. “Solo providers can lose sight of what their time is worth, but if you break it down, that time is better spent face-to-face with patients.”

“I’d love to see eligibility checks in Jane.”

Finally, we asked Cassie what would be next on her wishlist for Jane’s insurance features and she shared that she would love to have eligibility checks available inside Jane. “Any time you don’t have to leave one browser tab and go into another is a win.” We were happy to be able to say that we’re working on building eligibility into the integration right now!

We so appreciate Cassie taking the time to sit down and share her experience with us, and we’re thrilled to hear that switching to Integrated Claims with Claim.MD has been such a positive experience for her and her clinic. To learn more about Integrated Claims, you can check out this guide or give us a shout at [email protected].

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