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The Dos and Dont's for the Best Telehealth Experience

March 26, 2024

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With its convenience, accessibility, and popularity among clients, telehealth demand is growing in many practices.

But even if you’re tech-savvy, it’s hard work.

And hey, we get it. You not only have to consider your set-up, but you also have to consider how to protect your clients’ privacy.

That’s why we’re here to help you make your telehealth experience as smooth as possible.

Our team has put together these top telehealth tips to ease your mind:


Ensure your clients understand the risks (and benefits) of telehealth before you get started.

✅ Check attendance

Set up an online waiting room to safeguard your meeting from uninvited guests. Before sharing sensitive information, always confirm your client is in a private space.


❌ Pick your telehealth tools at random

Choose a platform that is accessible and user-friendly, and make sure to verify it’s HIPAA or PIPEDA-compliant before locking into a contract.

What are the guidelines for telehealth where you practise, or for your specific discipline? Are you insured to see clients from different states or provinces, or while you’re travelling? You’ll want to be clear on the requirements, including the limits of jurisdiction, before adding telehealth to your offerings.

Setting up the right telehealth tools 🖥️


✅ Have a strong wireless connection

Create a clear path between your workstation and your router. If it’s too far away, encased in a drawer, or sitting on the floor, performance can drop.

✅ Optimize your audio-visual setup

Improve audio quality by closing windows and doors to reduce noise, going into a carpeted room to prevent echo, or investing in an external microphone. For best lighting, avoid sitting directly under a light fixture or in front of a window – instead, try placing a lamp or ring light directly in front of you for even exposure.

A client meets with their therapist over telehealth on a laptop. The client wears headphones and has a mug in their hand while their therapist talks.


❌ Clutter your background

Have a clean, professional, and dedicated space for appointments. Keep it simple with a pop of color or texture, or by adding an item that reflects your personality. While virtual backgrounds can be fun, the focus should still be on you.

❌ Zoom in too close

For optimal video, lean back, make sure your camera is at eye level (or just above), and show as much of your upper body as you can.

The client experience 🙋🏽‍♀️


✅ Come up with a backup plan

What happens if the call drops? If you and your client get disconnected, having a plan in place will save both of you from confusion and distress.

✅ Expect the unexpected

Whether it’s a noisy pup or the Amazon delivery person, address interruptions calmly and respectfully. Life happens! You can’t prepare for every surprise, but you can handle them with grace when they arise.


❌ Assume clients are tech-savvy

Everyone has different levels of tech literacy and access. Help clients feel prepared by reminding them they can test their audio and video before the call.

❌ Be afraid to communicate preferences

Asking your client to turn on a light or move to a quieter space can make a world of difference in a virtual session.

Last but not least: Get comfortable 🛋️

No matter your setup, when you feel your best you’re able to deliver the best care to your client.

Whether that means wearing clothes you feel good in, finding a comfy seat, or even practising before a session in front of the camera — devote some time to figuring out what works for you. And don’t be afraid to make some adjustments along the way.

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