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July 30, 2021

Hello Jane Community,

Hope you’re having a great summer. To those of you receiving your first newsletter, welcome to Jane!

We have been working on some exciting new features, events, and webinars, and we wanted to give you a nice roundup in case that’s helpful. We have some fantastic momentum building as we develop Jane even more, and we can’t wait to share all the new things with you.

So, here are some things we’ve released in the last few months. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Rich Text in Charting

We’ve added a little something sweet to charting 🍬. In June, we launched Rich Text, meaning any text within a note field you find in Jane’s charting area you can bold, underline, italicize, hyperlink

Phrases on Mobile

We all know that charting with Phrases makes our lives a whole lot easier. Well, guess what!? We were also able to make Phrases on mobile compatible. 🥳 So, all text fields in your charts that could use Phrases on a desktop are now mobile-friendly too.

The Phrases feature allows you to create a set of sentences or short phrases to auto-populate by using a hotkey in a chart entry.

Learn more about using Phrases here.

Manage Shifts makes scheduling a whole lot easier!

We know it can take some time to schedule shifts, particularly if they repeat each day or if you have a lot of practitioners. So, we created a little tool we’re calling Manage Shifts to make it a swifter and more streamlined process.

Create, update, or remove shifts across multiple days and multiple staff members at one time. This is now the primary way to create shifts in Jane. Don’t worry, if you’re used to creating shifts the “old way”, you can still do that.

Read more about this new change here: Managing Shifts in Jane.

Fun Fact: it’s possible to reduce the time it takes to set up your practitioner’s shifts by 75%, as tested by Alex in this video.

Allied 2021: Jane Summer School

Last year, we brought you Allied: The Jane Virtual Community Conference and were delighted by the enthusiasm from the whole community when it comes to learning about Jane and business. So this year, we’re hosting Allied 2021: Jane Summer School. Think of it like (super fun) extra credit for all you cool kids who love to learn new things. 🤓

Join us Tuesday, August 24th - Friday, August 27th for 4 days of virtual, à la carte learning and discover all the ways you can unlock Jane’s potential to better serve your clients and your business.

Registration opens on August 3rd, so mark your calendars. In the meantime, you can get a sneak preview of what’s to come here.

On-Demand Webinars

Webinar: Lessons from Building a Multidisciplinary Practice from Jane Clinic Management on Vimeo.

If you were able to make it to our conversation with Kendall, you’ll know just how inspiring it was to hear her story and learn from her experience. If you couldn’t make it, you get to enjoy it for the first time right now (lucky 🦆)! As Ali mentions in the session, feel free to treat this like a podcast and do your laundry (or whatever has been lingering on your to-do list) while you listen.

Check out our catalogue of Jane Webinars and take a deep dive into any topics that interest you.

Honourable Mentions

  • Earlier in the year, Jane launched a new privacy preference that provides your clinic with a choice of how a client’s financial documents can be emailed. If enabled, this privacy option ensures financial documentation is only accessible by the client if they enter their login credentials. Read about it here.
  • Bookkeepers, this one’s for you! We’ve provided you with the new Applied and Unapplied Payments Report to review all of the applied payment activity for a particular period. We’ve also heard that sometimes the terms “applied” and “unapplied” can be a little confusing, so our PO Aurelia clears the air here: Applying and Unapplying a Payment?It involves doughnuts 🍩…
  • We’ve added a couple of new filters to your Patient List Report so that you can filter by a specific date range. Filter by a Patient Profile Creation Date or Appointment Date.
  • We’ve added a location filter to the Write-Off Report. We know how important these are to clinic bookkeeping and being able to know the location of a written-off invoice helps you keep your records accurate.
  • There is now a new eligibility check notice in the appointment panel for our 🇨🇦 TELUS eClaims submissions. Clinics will now be able to see if they have done an eligibility check already and get a preview of what its status was in the “Insurance Info” section of the appointment panel.
  • We’ve also added support for a new 🇨🇦 TELUS eClaims insurer: UV Insurance.
  • We now have French translations for Jane’s Telehealth features.
  • With the launch of Schedule 2020, we received notes from (quite) a few of you that you experienced your staff members re-ordering on the Schedule or that you couldn’t filter by discipline. Thank you again for your feedback and reports. 🙏🏻 These issues have since been fixed, but if you experience any further schedule hiccups, give us a shout.
  • Some of you were having trouble logging into Jane using older versions of the Safari web browser. This issue has since been resolved, and we’re all playing nice now with those older versions of Safari and Chrome. 🤗
  • We often get asked for advice on where to go for websites. If you are looking to update or refresh your website you may find Clinic Sites a helpful addition to your practice. Clinic Sites synchronizes with your Jane account and pulls over your publicly available information. This auto-populates pages for your website so that everything remains consistent as you manage and grow your practice. Learn More.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. We’d love to hear your thoughts! You can send us an email, or join the conversation in our community group on Facebook!

The Jane Team 💙

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