Jane's community conference is back! Welcome to Allied 2021: Jane Summer School. Join us to take a deep dive into Jane and connect with our amazing community.

24 - 27

August 2021

Registration opens August 3rd, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Allied?

Allied is Jane's virtual community conference. From Tuesday, August 24th through Friday, August 27th, we'll be hosting a variety of virtual sessions aimed at deepening your understanding of Jane. We want to make sure you're maximizing Jane's potential to help you manage your business and care for your clients. It's also a great chance for us to come together as a community and learn from one another. đź’™

Is this a conference? Is it in person?

Last year, Allied was meant to be an in-person conference, but we had to pivot to a virtual venue. This year, we're keeping the virtual format going because it worked so well! You'll be able to register for a series of Zoom sessions with interactive chat and can connect with other Allied attendees in the Jane Facebook Community Forum. Think of it as your Allied homeroom (but with less gum under the desk).

Do I have to pay to attend the sessions?

Nope! It's all 100% free of charge. All you have to do is register for the session you're interested in, and then you can either join live or enjoy the recording on your own time.

Do I have to attend all four days?

Nope again! You can pick and choose whichever ones are most helpful for you and your practice. A few of the sessions— for example, the one for UK Jane users— will be tailored to specific groups, but if you want to pop in and have a natter, you’re more than welcome!

Will the sessions be recorded?

You bet! We would love to see you at the live events, but if you can't fit a session into your schedule, you can still register, and we'll send the recording straight to your inbox for you to watch and learn at your own pace.

What kind of sessions can I expect?

Okay, just because you asked so nicely, we'll give you a little sneak peek. Some of the topics covered will include a look at Jane's roadmap, Smart Charting, Jane for solo practitioners, front desk hiring and training, working with families in Jane, and much more!

Can I get educational credits for attending?

We understand that many of you are required to submit proof of ongoing education to maintain your certifications. Unfortunately, we can't provide any sort of education credit in that sense for attending Allied sessions.