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Introducing Jane's integration with Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet

May 02, 2019


We’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet is now available. Today. Yup, right now!


You can now begin directly billing claims for patients in British Columbia, right within your Jane account. This means real time submission, adjudication, and payment info for Pacific Blue Cross patients, all without leaving Jane.

As one of our most requested features, we hope this brings a little extra joy to your day.

The name of the game here is speed. What was many many clicks can be done in just 4… we counted.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register your clinic with PROVIDERnet prior to setting up your integration in Jane. Learn about setting that up with here: PBC Health Care Provider Registration

If you already have a PROVIDERnet account and you’ve been billing through the portal, then you simply need to Connect Your Jane Account

Best of all, you can get started in minutes…. and then you’ll be saving a whole lot of minutes going forward!

Head over to Jane Guide

We’d love to hear your experience with the new integration. We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out, but we’d appreciate any feedback you have.

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