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You're Invited! Upcoming Jane Webinars

June 17, 2021

Hey friends, 👋

We’re so lucky to have a community of hungry learners. To feed that hearty appetite for knowledge, we’ve got 2 new webinars lined up for you! Take a look at what’s to come and follow the links to sign up for anything that piques your interest. We can’t wait to see you there.

Oh, and before we forget…all of our webinars will be recorded and sent out via email to anyone who has signed up. You can also find our catalogue of past webinars in the Jane Guide.

Happy learning! 🤓

Webinar Dates

June 24th: Client Retention with Jane

July 14th: Coffee with a Clinic Owner

🖥 Client Retention with Jane

Return Visit Reminders & Unscheduled Patient Report

🗓️ June 24th, 2021

⏰ 4:00-5:00 PM Pacific Time

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Let’s talk about client retention with Jane!

We can’t wait to get into this topic with all of you. Is client retention a challenge for you? Is it something you’ve thought much about? What are your strategies for keeping your clients coming back for more? Let’s chat and explore how Jane can make this aspect of your business a little bit easier.

Meet our hosts for the session:

Ali is a Jane co-founder and real-life clinic owner who knows just how tricky client retention can be. That’s why she’s so excited to chat with you about how Jane can help.

Meghan is one of our amazing Jane Trainers with a background in clinic management. Buckle in for some serious learning as Meghan discusses some of her favourite— and most underutilized— Jane features.

Catherine is one of our lovely US Support team members. She loves helping people harness the power of Jane to keep their clients coming back for more.

We’ll be covering:

  • Why client retention is so important and how Jane can help
  • Understanding Return Visit Reminders— how and when are they sent
  • Making the most of the Unscheduled Patient Report
  • Answers to community questions

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☕️ Coffee with a Clinic Owner

Lessons from Building a Multidisciplinary Practice

🗓️ July 14th, 2021

⏰ 8:00 PM Pacific Time

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Come grab coffee with Kendall & Ali!

In this session, we’ll be talking to Kendall Hagensen, the owner of Vancouver Wellness Studio and learning from her experience of going from solo practitioner to multidisciplinary studio owner.

Kendall is not only a clinic owner and practitioner but also someone who lives with a chronic illness - early-onset Multiple Sclerosis - and she credits her journey with her illness for fuelling her passion for integrated wellness. As a Mental Health practitioner with a focus on chronic illness and pain, Kendall has a deep understanding of the importance of treating the mind and body.

Using both her personal and professional experience, Kendall has built Vancouver Wellness Studio to be a space that offers whole-person care and we are excited to sit down with her and have her share her insights and learnings with the Jane community.

Meet our hosts:

Kendall is the owner of Vancouver Wellness Studio— a space she created to foster community and holistic wellness. She’ll be sharing her insights into wellness, business, and community building.

Ali, as co-founder of Jane and owner of a multidisciplinary clinic herself, is excited to delve into Kendall’s story. She loves getting to spend time with our amazing community and learn from all of your diverse experiences.

We’ll be covering:

  • How Kendall started her business and how she’s grown it into what it is today
  • Educating clients about the wellness approach
  • How Kendall is helping others build their businesses
  • Answers to community questions

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There you have it! We hope that one (or both) of these sessions feed that life-long learner inside of you. 💙 If you have requests for future webinars, feel free to get in touch. We love hearing your ideas. Chat soon!

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