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New in Jane: Hide Client Information from Financial Emails

March 09, 2021

Privacy and security are always top of mind at Jane. This is why we’re happy to share that Jane has launched a new privacy preference that provides your clinic with a choice of how a client’s financial documents can be emailed.

If selected, this privacy option ensures financial documentation is only accessible by the client if they enter in their Account username and password. That’s right, everything is kept securely in Jane.

*Financial Documents include invoices, receipts, statements, and super-bills (US).

You now have two options to choose from:

Option 1. Hide Client Information from Financial Emails 🆕

Clients can receive an email with a link that prompts them to log into their online clinic account. Once authorized, they will be redirected to the document in their browser which they can then securely review, print, or download. No client information is transmitted over email.

Option 2. The Current Way

Clients can receive an email with a text preview of the document, along with a PDF attachment.

If you’re interested in turning this on, here’s how:

A full-access user can enable this feature for their entire clinic under the Settings Tab > Billing Settings area.

Read more about Hiding Client Information from Financial Emails here.

Read more about Email Encryption (in Canada) here.

We’ve also created an additional resource for your clients here, whether they need some extra help or you’re just curious to see their experience.

A Word From Jane’s Privacy Team

This new privacy preference was created with our Mental Health clinics in mind. With this new preference, financial documents cannot be accessed by clients without bypassing a second layer of authorization (clinic account sign-in), and no confidential client information is disclosed within the email itself. This new feature is of a higher privacy standard than password-protected PDFs sent by email, and we feel strongly that this solution will provide the highest level of privacy for your clients.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team ([email protected]) if you have any questions or feedback.

The Jane Team 💙

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