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Many New Features

June 02, 2014

Happy Monday everyone!

We’ve been busy working on many requested features and wanted to let you know about the latest changes.

Email Notifications when Appointments Change 

For patients and staff who subscribe to email notifications, Jane now sends a notification when an appointment changes.  An email is sent if the time, treatment, or staff member changes.  You’ll see the change notifications listed in the History & Status section of the appointment sidebar.

Re-ordering Treatments

Practitioners, you can now edit the order of how your treatments are listed in the Online Booking.  Go to your Treatments tab in your staff profile, and click the Order Treatment button. This window will show you the treatments that are enabled for online booking and let you adjust the order.

Patient Referral Tracking

You can now collect info on how your Patients heard about your clinic, and if they were referred to a specific practitioner.  You can enter referral info by editing a patient profile, and new patients are asked for this info when they sign up online.

Displaying Treatment Prices

You can now choose whether or not to display the price of a treatment in the online booking. This is helpful for treatments that are covered by an Insurer and the patient doesn’t need to know the cost.


Owners, you can now restrict access to all billing areas for any staff member. Edit the staff member and look for the “Access Billing” checkbox in the “Permissions” tab.

Support & Training

Because we like Jane’s online booking so much, we thought we’d use it ourselves to book training and support.  Visit https://seejanerun.janeapp.com to book a session with Alison.

Note that you’ll have to create an account, just like a regular patient.  Remember that all times are Pacific Time.


Password Changing. As you know, your teleplan password will expire every 40 days.  Jane now lets you update your Teleplan password.  Go to the “Teleplan” section of your Company Preferences area. Use the top form to enter your password for the first time.  Or use the bottom form to update an expired Teleplan password.

New WSBC Physiotherapy Contract. Jane has all new WSBC billing codes for billing physiotherapy services to WSBC. Unfortunately, you can’t bill via teleplan yet, but when Teleplan adds this ability, Jane will support it.

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