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Happy January

January 21, 2015

We’ve been busy here adding some neat new features to Jane (and squashing a lot of little bugs). We wanted to let you know about all the new things that have gone live in the past month or so.

All New Schedule

The main Jane schedule has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It’s faster, smarter, and ready for all the exciting features we’re planning to add to Jane in the coming months. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, but there’s a few you may appreciate.

Smarter Overlapping Events

The schedule is much savvier about making overlapping events display in an intuitive way.

Staff Photos

You can choose to show your lovely staff photos in the calendar now to help see at a glance who’s schedule you’re looking at. Click the Gear icon in the bottom right to turn the staff photos on or off.

Group by Discipline

You can also choose to group the staff in the schedule by Discipline. This is fantastic for multi-disciplinary clinics. Click the Gear icon in the bottom right to turn this feature on or off. And you can click a discipline name on the schedule to show just that discipline.

Vertical Zoom on Touch Devices

This was only available as a keyboard shortcut until now. Click the Gear icon in the bottom right to adjust the vertical size of the events in the schedule.

Online Booking - Add to Wait List

Patients now have the option to add themselves to the wait list if they can’t find a time for their treatment. They will also see their Wait list requests on their My Account page and can remove themselves from the wait list if they like. You can enable or disable this feature in the Company Preferences under Hours & Booking.

Reminder & Notification Tracking

If you’re looking at the History & Status of an appointment, you will now see if email notifications and reminders have been received, opened, or even clicked! This is some fancy tech, and we’re happy to have integrated it this far into Jane. There’s much more to come in this area.

New Reports

Product Inventory / Re-order Report

Run a report of products that are low on inventory and should be re-ordered. You can also set a Reorder Quantity on each product, if you want it to be listed here before you run out completely.

Duplicate Patients Report

Head to the reports section to pull up a list of potential duplicate profiles. If you find some, use Jane’s merge feature to deal with the duplicates.


If you’re using checkboxes in your chart templates, you now have the option to display a note field next to each checkbox. This is handy for making a few notes about the item you’ve checked.

Little Things

  • Notes on patients, appointments, and invoices are now editable.
  • You can automatically include practitioner signatures on receipts. You can enable this in the Billing section of the Company Preferences. And staff can upload a photo of their signature by editing their staff profile.
  • Multiple Teleplan Data Centres. If you’re in BC and using Teleplan, and you have multiple physical locations, and are using Jane’s multi-location features, you can now have separate Teleplan Data Centre numbers for each location.

Getting Help

You may have noticed the Help link in the lower left corner of Jane. From there you can search the Jane guide, which we’re constantly adding new support documents to, and you can also contact the Jane team with a question. Ann, Alison, Murray or I will get back to you ASAP.

Ever wonder why Jane is called Jane?

Here’s a funny blog post about our naming process. And here’s a funnier blog post about the names we didn’t pick.


That’s all for today. We’ve got loads more goodness in the works, and will be continuing to release features every few days, as they’re ready.


Thanks for using Jane!

Trevor, Alison & the Jane Team

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