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Community Story: Brynn FitzGerald of SOS Skin Calgary

June 30, 2023

How Jane is empowering a nurse injector to chart more efficiently and spend more time on her patient experience.

Meet Brynn FitzGerald, aesthetic nurse injector at SOS Skin Calgary. Brynn and her team offer comprehensive, evidence-based, and personalized care in advanced medical aesthetics. Not only is Brynn a nurse injector, but she is also an entrepreneur who creates engaging social media templates for aesthetic business owners to use in their social media posts.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a nurse injector.

Initially, I went to the University of Calgary, where I became a registered nurse in 2018. Once I graduated, I struggled to find my niche. There were so many options available from travel nursing to emergency and pediatrics that it was overwhelming. Initially, I considered working in the ER because I was such a big fan Grey’s Anatomy, before I finally started working in a non-traditional nursing role in preventative medicine; focusing on educating clients about exercise, nutrition, and other measures to prevent long-term health issues.

A little later on I found out about the field of aesthetic nursing and realized that it combined my passions for beauty, science, and creativity. At the time, finding the most evidence-based and hands-on training courses for aesthetic nursing was difficult. It’s not commonly taught in schools where the focus is more on hospital-based work. Fortunately, I found courses through Dr. Andrew Dargie, CEO and founder of Aesthetics Training Canada.

He saw potential in me and took me on as a nurse injector in Calgary. He has been an incredible leader and inspiration to me. Now I work in a medical aesthetic clinic, as well as a trainer for Aesthetics Training Canada, managing patient models and assisting with marketing strategies.

What would you love to share with folks about medical aesthetics?

There are so many stereotypes surrounding aesthetic injections, often associated with vanity. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. For example, I’ve had the privilege to help high school girls who suffer from excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis), which affects their self-confidence and daily life. By providing Botox injections to reduce sweating, they can focus on their education and social life without worrying about embarrassment.

Injections have therapeutic benefits and can make a significant difference to the well-being of my clients. boosting their confidence and empowering them. My goal and the goal of aesthetics is really about empowering individuals and helping them feel good about themselves.

Tell us about the community you have created through your social media.

The community that has gathered around me has been so inspiring. It was unexpected when I first started, but I truly believe it stems from my passion for educating others and my desire to continually learn.

Initially, my Instagram account started with educational and funny Instagram reels, which caught on and created a community around accepting aesthetics. Now I see a community of people that are now more open than ever about discussing procedures, be that with friends or with their partners.

Now I use my following to educate that aesthetics is not solely for vanity, and people appreciate the honesty and authenticity I bring. It’s incredible to witness the supportive community that has formed.

Do you think having an online presence is necessary for an aesthetics business?

In today’s digital age, having an online presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram, is crucial. It serves as your portfolio, showcasing your before and after photos and allowing potential clients to gauge your expertise and the results you can achieve.

It’s an important component to marketing yourself. It’s another opportunity to share your personality and create a welcoming image for clients that, in my case, are searching for a friendly injector.

Establishing my own online presence has significantly impacted my patient load. It’s just another way to distinguish yourself from other clinics and injectors in your area. You might be a new business and feel like you can’t compete against more established brands, but in this day and age being relatable and showcasing passion for your work can really set you apart from the crowd. Ultimately, it’s about connecting with clients and demonstrating your dedication and skill.

What advice would you give to practitioners about setting patient expectations?

Setting realistic expectations and educating clients is crucial in any industry and especially so in the aesthetics industry. It’s important to understand that transformations take time and patience. We can’t expect immediate drastic changes or to look decades younger overnight.

My goal is always to enhance and make clients look their best at their current stage in their aesthetic journey. Educating clients about the process, how long it takes for results to settle, and what to expect is vital. Taking the extra time to educate and set proper expectations really ensures clients understand the process and can trust it and you.

I really believe that people in the aesthetics industry should prioritize client education and not rush through treatments without explaining the details. Similar to receiving medication from a doctor, it’s important to be aware of what is being done to your body and understand the purpose behind it. Treating aesthetic procedures as prescriptions emphasizes the need for awareness and understanding of what clients are receiving. I’ve found this approach to not only reassure patients but also help them understand what is and isn’t achievable.

Your social posts really garner a lot of engagement online which you used to develop your pre-built social media templates. Why did you decide to create the templates?

Funnily enough, I noticed other clinics copying my designs without giving credit, which made me realize there was a demand for social media templates in the aesthetic industry. So I sat down and looked at everything that was working for me and driving great community engagement and began to create a variety of templates for people to use.

I know that managing social media can be a significant task that ultimately takes time away from practicing. A lot of providers and businesses don’t have the time to be creating this content, but know how vital it is to have a presence online. My ready-made templates, have helped injectors save so much time, especially when they’re focused on growing their businesses and seeing clients. The positive feedback I received inspired me to expand the templates for other professionals like estheticians and nurse practitioners. It’s been a really fulfilling journey to branch out and be this creative in my career.

You’re a big fan of Jane, for all the medical professionals reading this can you tell them why you like Jane?

Looking back at my hospital practicum experiences, I realized how challenging it was to learn the intricate ER systems and follow all the specific charting requirements needed, most of it seeming redundant. In contrast, Jane is incredibly user-friendly. It only takes a short time to familiarize yourself with the features.

Jane has helped to manage thousands of patients across multiple locations in Canada, and through the botox training course with Aesthetics Training Canada. It’s just been so easy.

“Jane allows me to have everything consolidated in one place. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

Charting is often seen as daunting and time-consuming. Since using Jane it really has become quick and effortless. It allows medical practitioners to focus on what truly matters; time spent with patients.

What are your favourite Jane Features?

My favorite Jane feature is the customizable charting. It has allowed me to create a system tailored to my preferences and standards. I’ve been able to streamline my entire charting process.

Another feature I love is the Template Library, which is especially helpful for new clinics looking to establish their own charting system. It provides a starting point and fosters a sense of community as clinics share their templates. Jane’s community aspect is refreshing in the competitive field of aesthetics.

📣 Jane Team Shoutout: Jane’s Template Library allows you to start practicing straight away with ready-made notes, forms, intakes, and consents.


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