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Files Area, All new Physitrack Integration, & More

October 01, 2018

Hello Jane Community, Happy October 1st!

We’ve released a few new goodies today that hopefully you will enjoy. Here’s what’s new:

New Files Tab

Today we’re so excited to be unveiling a new tab on your patient/client profiles that gives you a new way to find, browse and upload files.

The files area displays all files that have been added to your patient’s charts. And now you can upload other files here too that can be just for administrative purposes and not part of the official chart.

We’ve also added a full screen preview of your uploaded files to make it quicker to review the uploads.

Don’t worry! This is not a change but an addition! All the old ways of uploading files via the main Chart tab will still function in the exact same way.


  • Upload multiple files at once by dragging and dropping
  • Choose whether each files is part of the official chart or not
  • Browse by a grid of images or a more compact list view
  • Quickly see a large preview of the file

We recommend you click here to read more important info about the new Files Tab

Jane’s Physitrack integration just got a whole lot better. Word on the street is Jane’s the best they’ve ever had.

Physitrack does a bunch of things. First off, it’s an exercise prescription system, providing crystal-clear, fully narrated exercise videos, delivered straight to your patient’s smartphone or computer.

Physitrack also collects patient reported outcomes and let you’s analyze the results across your practice in realtime.

Physitrack also provides a secure video conferencing platform that allows you to easily provide privacy compliant remote-care.

We have worked with Physitrack over the past few months to create a whole new level of integration that allows you to prescribe exercises, view past programs and review outcomes, all right within Jane.

Read More about Jane & Physitrack

And if you’re not a Physitrack user yet you can learn more from the Integrations area (found in the Settings Tab of your Jane Account). Remember to use code JANE30 at sign up to receive a discounted rate.

Adjusting Jane’s Casual Tone

Jane’s style is to be both professional and informal, so Jane will greet your customers in a friendly way in emails and online booking pages. For example, an email may begin with “Hello Neo,”

If you would prefer a more format rapport with your customers, in a manner that you might still use when you bump into your elementary school teacher, such as “Hello Mr. Anderson”, you can now adjust this in Settings -> Language

We have also added a prefix field to the patient profile, so you can collect any titles or honourifics there.

If you need more options than the default list, you can add more options in Settings -> Language and editing the Prefixes / Honourifics item.

Read more here

Notify Patients of Shared Charts

Jane will now ask if you would like to notify your patient that you have shared a chart with them. Until now you could share the entry but then had to communicate that this entry was waiting for them as a secondary step and through some form of communication outside of Jane. This is better.

Your patient will receive an email letting them know there is a new item available in their my account area.

You can re-notify them at any point by clicking the envelope button on a shared chart.

Learn more about Sharing Entries by clicking on these links.

Note: There’s no option to “add a note” or custom message to the notification before you send it. This is because email is not a secure method of communication - and so the notification will prompt them to log into their secure “My Account” area. If you have extra details or information, or a message you’d like to add, just add a “note” section to the chart entry before you share it and include the details there.

Honourable Mentions

  • Optometry Templates - Jane’s chart templates now include an option to add optical measurements - big thanks to Dr. Walker for his help on this one.
  • The compensation report can now be exported to Excel or CSV
  • The schedule settings got a fresh new redesign that makes it much more usable on smaller screens. Click the cog (aka the flower) button at the bottom right of the schedule.
  • “Personal Health Number” is now a customizable term in the Language area
  • Group Invoices are now dated based on the most recent invoice in the group. Thanks to one of our well spoken customers for making a strong case for this.

Conference Schedule

The Jane team will be at a number of conferences this fall. Here’s where to come find us! Know of others you think we should attend? Let us know!

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Business & Leadership Conference - Tasmania, AU (October 5 - 7)
  • Sports Chiro Conference - Minneapolis, US (October 5 - 6)
  • California Chiro Association Conference - San Diego, US (October 11 - 12)
  • Advancing Natural Medicine, BCNA - Vancouver, CA (October 12 - 13)
  • BC Sports Massage Conference - New Westminster, CA (October 12 - 14)
  • British Chiropractic Association - Birmingham, UK (October 13 - 14)
  • Speech and Hearing BC Conference - Victoria, CA (October 19 - 20)
  • New York State Chiropractic Fall Convention - New York, US (October 19 - 20)
  • Canadian Podiatry National Scientific Conference - Toronto, CA (October 18 - 21)
  • Australian Chiropractic Association Conference - Tasmania, AU (October 20 - 21)
  • Acupuncture Society of Virginia Fall Seminar - Fairfax, US (October 20 - 21)
  • BC Chiro Convention - Burnaby, CA (November 2 - 4)
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Congress - Montreal, CA (November 1 - 3)
  • Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists - Sligo, IE (November 9 - 10)
  • Physio First Scotland - Stirling, UK (November 16)
  • Therapy Expo - Birmingham, UK (November 21 - 22)

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