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Transitioning to Jane: What to expect in your first 2 weeks

January 04, 2021

Hey there,

I’m Michael, your dedicated Data Import Expert. You might be wondering… what do I do at Jane? Here’s a quick video to help answer that.

Simply put, I’m part of the team that helps transfer your existing data over to your new Jane account, and I make that as easy for you as possible. I’m also your main touchpoint for really anything related to your import. And I promise, you’re in good hands. I’ve personally imported thousands of clinics’ data into Jane. 💪

Through my experience, I’ve learned that for the average clinic, you should give yourself 2 weeks to get up and running with Jane. This timeline includes the first day you sign up, to the day you start running with Jane.

Here’s exactly what you can expect in your first 2 weeks:

1. You’ll want to open a Jane account about 2 weeks before your go-live date. If applicable, you will also want to schedule an import at this time for the date that you will be switching over. Take a peek here at our related guide documents to help you with this: Basics of Importing to Jane and Scheduling your Import.

You can sign up anytime on our website here, and use the “Sign Up” button. You can sign up for the number of Full Time Equivalent licenses that makes sense for you (it won’t affect the number of staff you can add, but just sets your subscription fee).

To work through the sign up process, you’ll need a credit card, and to know what you’d like your URL to be as well as who the main owner of your Jane account will be. As part of the sign up process, you will have to be able to access that email account to click on the link we send. There is no charge for import, training, set up, support, locations, text reminders, or admin staff.

2. Book an Account Setup Consultation. Feel free to click this blue text to access our online booking page where you can book an Account Setup Consultation with us. Just note that if you haven’t logged into our See Jane Run account yet, you will just need to create a username and password (this is a separate set of login credentials than those that you created for your own clinic account). You’re welcome to use the same ones if you’d like– but you’ll just need to set it up first. If you need a hand at all, you’re welcome to give us a call!

3. Spend 2 weeks getting to know Jane! If you’re an account owner or practitioner, you’ll notice that handy Set Up Wizard to the left that you can walk through at your leisure. In addition, here are a few of our recommended Guides: Setting Up TreatmentsStaffSchedulesChart Templates, and Clinic Settings. While you are setting up Jane, you will want to continue working out of your current software so that all of your data is kept up to date, and in one place.

4. Now that you’ve set up some of your basic settings in Jane, you’ll want to export your data from your existing software at the end of your workday. Next, upload it into your Jane account as shown in Scheduling your Import. We’ll then import all of the data you’ve provided, which will be ready for you the following day.

At this point, you’ll probably hear from me a bit less having completed your import, and our lovely Support Team will take care of you from here. I’ll also pop this in here too if you’d like to bookmark our support resources for later.

Available for support at anytime

We recommend having us walk through the basics with you on the phone that first morning so that everyone is comfortable with arriving and taking payment. With everything set up in those 2 weeks, most people find the transition fairly fluid and Jane’s workflows are pretty intuitive. That being said, we’re always here to help by email, phone or chat when you have questions.

Getting Started

Here’s our Getting Started video series that will help get you through the set up in the meantime: Getting Started with Jane.

We recommend trying to get through as much of the set up as you can before your call, just because most of it relies on your knowledge (of your staff, your schedule, your treatments, your location, etc.,) so that way we can spend the call focusing on perfecting your setup!


Here are our Practitioner and Front Desk training programs that will be helpful once the set up is done:


If you wanted to practice anything you learn in the training program, let us know and we can give you access to the demo site so that you don’t have to corrupt any data in your account :)

Questions? If you have any trouble at all getting started (or just want to come say hi) please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-844-310-5263. Or you can also click the Need Help? button in the top right of your Jane account. There you can search through our Guide docs, hop into live chat, or send us an email at [email protected] if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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