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Bye-Bye Filing Cabinets, Hello to More Patients: Mitaka Chiro Goes Paperless

December 20, 2022

Welcoming Family Chiropractic Mitaka Clinic — our first customer in Japan! Not only have they triumphantly ditched their filing cabinets, they now see incredible potential to help more patients, aiming to see 100, up from 40, per day. 💙

Andrew Chiang, Product Specialist at Jane, with the Mitaka Chiro team on launch day

Allied healthcare in Japan tends to be paper-dominated. Before Jane, patients at Mitaka Chiro, one of Tokyo’s largest clinics, would check-in with a registration card, then complete a paper-based registration process and intake with their practitioner.

This time-intensive process was preventing them from helping more patients and focusing their time where it mattered most — that’s why they decided to switch to Jane.

“Jane was letting Mitaka Chiro not only spend more time with their patients by minimizing administrative tasks, but also drastically streamlining the experience of their patients,” says Andrew Chiang of Jane’s customer support team, who is the clinic’s main point of contact.

“They were really excited to go paperless.”

Going the extra (4720) mile(s) to visit the clinic in person

A special moment: After being a part of the onboarding journey, Andrew was able to join in-person for the big launch day while on vacation.

“Having visited Japan so many times, the first place I had to revisit when the borders reopened was Tokyo. I thought, how fun would it be to pay the clinic a visit?” Andrew comments. “I just happened to be in the city and was curious to learn a little bit about them. I arrived the day they were going live, which was amazing.”

He got to see the difference the change has made for the clinic firsthand, delivering Jane swag to the team.

“After onboarding Jane, the clinic created a QR code that let patients self check-in when they arrived, which was a time-saving and streamlining experience for staff,” Andrew says.

“While on a clinic tour, the team pointed out filing cabinets around the clinic they can now get rid of, excited that they can now use the space for other kinds of storage.”

And some more great news? The’ve been able to reduce phone inquiries, going from ten to three a day.

A collaborative effort to ensure a seamless experience

Jane’s dedication to customer support rang true as folks across our technical, community, marketing, and customer service teams collaborated closely to get the clinic up and running.

From translations to relationship features to customizing cancellation policies, a group effort ensured patients would have a seamless experience.

Something new Andrew learned in the process? In Japan, even if cancellation policies are put in place, it’s not typical to actually charge a no-show or late fee unless the patient has previously missed a large number of sessions.

“Even if folks say they will charge the fee, they usually won’t unless you are a repeat offender,” he comments.

With implementation efforts now behind them, and the clinic’s uptick of over 80% registration rate with its clients, it’s safe to say the effort has all been worth it. Now, the clinic is working on its goal to increase patient visits by 150%.

“With Jane it will be possible, so thank you so much for everything,” Dr. Tsukuda, the clinic’s owner, says.

Sharing in the customer’s success and journey

Andrew notes how special it was for him to see the clinic to share in this customer’s experience.

“It was such a heartwarming, and in some ways, life-changing opportunity to share in the celebration of their customer journey thus far,” he comments. “From the clinic being referred to Jane through a mentor in Montreal, to finally being able to help their patients create a username and password for the first time.”

And in terms of how he approaches customer service, like all of our team, it’s all about that opportunity to help.

“Connecting with customers is second nature for me, even though working a fully remote job can have some challenges,” Andrew says.

“It’s important to keep in mind these clients are real people and we are making a difference in helping them out. Wherever they are in the world, they signed up for Jane for a reason: whether it’s to streamline their operations, make things easier, or help grow their business.

“I treat every conversation like a new opportunity to further that customer journey and build that relationship with them.”

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