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Payfirma payments, New Online Booking Prefs, and some other fun news.

October 18, 2016

Hello Everyone,

So many good things are happening here at Jane and we wanted to let you know about a few of them.

New Rates for Payfirma

We have some great news. Our partnership with Payfirma has been very successful, and as a result Payfirma is able to offer lower credit card processing rates! If you’ve already signed up for a Payfirma account, they will be (or may have already been) in touch to let you know about the new rates.

New Ways to Control Your Online Booking Availability

We unveiled 4 new settings recently at our Jane Customer event in Toronto. These features give you even more control over how your availability is presented in your online booking. To check out the new features, edit your staff profile, and select the Online Booking tab.

1) Offer Flexible Start Times

If you offer a long treatment, such as a 90 minute visit, Jane by default will offer availability to your customers every 90 minutes. If you want to offer more flexibility to your customers, you can configure the grid that Jane will offer start times. We suggest you choose Based on my shortest treatment, which means it’s unlikely an unfillable gap will be left in your day.

2) Cluster Bookings

If you enable cluster booking, Jane will only offer online booking availability next to existing appointments in your schedule. If you like to offer wide availability but also want to ensure you don’t have a big gap in your day, this is a great way to keep everyone together. Your default booking options will be used until the first appointment is booked for the day and then only those before and after will be offered. If you have 2 appointments booked for different parts of the day, then Jane will build 2 clusters. Smart hey?

3) Make me Look Busy

Let’s say it’s your first month at a new clinic and you’ve opened up your whole full-time schedule to online booking, but you don’t want it to look like you’re so wide open. To avoid the “I wonder why no one’s booking with this one” thinking, you can use this setting to reduce the number of openings that are offered each day. It… makes you look busy. Appointments are offered randomly, and you can choose how many openings to display in a day.

4) Post-treatment Times - within or after your shift ends

If you have configured your treatments or staff profile to have a post-treatment reset time, this setting tells Jane that you’re OK with your post-treatment work to be done after your shift ends. So, if your shift ends at 6pm, Jane will still offer your 60 minute + 15 minute treatment at 5pm. Previously you would have had to set your shift to end 15 minutes later to include this reset time. We think this makes more sense.

Languages Area

For a while now we’ve been handing out links to a secret “Languages” area in Jane that allow you to customize much of the text used throughout Jane. Online booking notices, email reminder content, appointment notifications etc. Well, we decided it was time to let everyone in on the fun.

If you have an All Access profile, you can now find a new tab in the Settings area of your Jane account called “Languages” in which you can make those changes yourself.

Some other additions

  • Merging Staff Profiles: If, for some reason that we shall not discuss, you have ended up with multiple staff profiles for the same person, you can now easily merge those by clicking the + button next to their name in the staff list. Just like merging patient profiles.
  • Un-Merging Past Merges: It happens. You’re doing things very quickly and you accidentally merge the wrong profiles. You can now un-merge any past merges by choosing Merge History from the dropdown next to the Edit button on a patient or staff profile.
  • Mass Welcome Emails: If you’re still new to Jane and haven’t sent a mass welcome email out to all your customers, you can now trigger this email yourself from the Settings area. This section will show you how many patients will receive the Welcome message, and allow you to customize the text that will be sent.

Jane - in Person

We hosted a room full of Jane customers at a very fancy venue(!) in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, taking a look at some of Jane’s features, and answering a LOT of questions about how to get the most out of Jane. Alison, Trevor, Ann and Jonathan were on hand announcing the new Jane Payments rates and demoing the new online booking features. We also gave a sneak peek of some exciting new features that will be live in Jane in the coming weeks and months. As always, we so enjoyed meeting some of you face to face and we hope to host more of these meet ups in the future.

We’re back in TO this week at the Ontario Psychological Association trade show, and then at the American Massage Therapy Association conference in Milwaukee next week. Here’s our upcoming schedule:

That’s all for today. We’ll be in touch soon with some more additions.

The Jane Team.

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