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Some New Little (Big) Things

November 19, 2014

Sure, these might seem like little changes at first. But, from the number of requests we’ve had for them, we think they’ll make a big difference for your day-to-day experience with Jane.

Reviewing Your Charts (and sign all your drafts!)

We’ve added a view for you to see all your charting in one place, for all your patients. Head to your Staff Profile, and click the Charts tab. You’ll see a list of all your charting activity. You can edit and sign charts from here and you can also use the filters to see only “drafts” or a specific date range.

We’ve also added a button for you to Batch Sign all your draft chart entries. We were going to do this for you, but thought it would be better to give you the control. Simply click that button when you’re ready to mark all your past charts as signed.

Duplicating Chart Entries

For those of you whose charts tend to consist of “See below” (you know who you are), you now have a way to keep your charting time to a minimum while still providing great documentation of the visit.

Simply click the Duplicate button on any chart entry, and you’ll be given a fresh copy with all the same text and sketches from the original entry.

This feature is a nice complement to the chart signing process because you can duplicate any signed chart, update it with new content, and it will be dated today with your name as the author.

Multiple Disciplines for a Staff Member

Staff members can now be part of multiple disciplines! This is great for staff who are registered practitioners of more than one discipline. If you’re listed in multiple disciplines, you can offer different kinds of treatments and be listed in multiple sections of the online booking pages.

Online Booking Rolling Availability

You can now set a rolling time period to limit how far in the future patients can see your availability. This allows you to set up your shifts to repeat far into the future, but limit your online booking availability to just a few months. Head to your staff profile, click Edit, and then hit the Online Booking tab.

Marking Shifts as Bookable Online

You can now control if you want specific shifts to be bookable online (or not). When you’re editing a shift, just uncheck the Book Online checkbox if you don’t want that shift displayed in online booking. You’ll see a note in the schedule for shifts that are not bookable online.

Disable Online Cancelling

If you do not want to offer the ability for patients to cancel their upcoming appointments in their online account, you can disable this now in the Company Preferences under Hours & Booking.


That’s it. Small, right? But we bet these changes will lead to big relief as your busy practice gets even busier.


- Trevor, Alison & Team

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