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Websites: just another way to care for your clients

February 01, 2023

Expert tips on how to build, grow and nurture your site

Building, maintaining, and optimizing a website can feel challenging, especially when your focus is on treating clients. That said, it’s one of the most important ways to make a positive first (and second, and third) impression with your clients, prospects, or new referrals.

Whether you’re just ideating your site or already have something up and polished, these practical, and implement-able, tips from Jon Morrison, Co-Founder of Clinic Sites, will ensure you’re on the right track.

Write content to connect with your ideal client

Self-promotion can feel awkward! It can sometimes feel uncomfortable to market your clinic or offerings, especially if you’re a solo practitioner. It’s possible though to shift the perspective: away from creating marketing materials and towards providing helpful information.

Jon’s tip? As a person running a client-centred clinic, focus web content on your clients, first.

When you’re writing content for your website, it doesn’t require marketing-speak. To feel genuine, Jon suggests imagining your ideal client.

“Write as if you were writing an email to your favourite client — identify their fears, explain their outcome, tell them a bit about your story, then post that on your website,” Jon says.

“Clients are coming to your website because they have a problem and are looking for a solution. And you’re going to start casting a vision for what their life could look like when you solve the problem.

“Client-centred messaging connects with the people and compels them to click.”

Photograph your team and success stories, not mountain ranges

Ever go to a nice-looking website… but have no idea what they’re offering? It might look pretty to include lakes and vistas; however, this likely won’t tell your client much about how you can help them.

“Don’t fill your website with pictures of nature or mountains unless you’re selling real estate,” Jon comments. “Make it a celebration of success stories — you’re selling outcomes for clients.”

For photos, you can go anywhere from custom shoots with a pro, or free stock images. If you feel comfortable, you could even try taking a few shots yourself on a camera or phone to show that your clinic is a friendly, warm place.

“Get pictures of you – the team, the reception area, with everyone smiling and welcoming. You don’t have to be treating a client, but you can just be with them. It’s about empathy — letting people see that ‘this place understands me’,” Jon mentions.

Establish authority by sharing your expertise

According to Jon, content on your website is an extension of your service; you’re establishing yourself as an authority on problems and offering value. And of course, everyone wants to think that they’re getting the best possible treatment, from the best possible practitioner.

Whether your content is free, like this blog, or offered up behind a paywall, be sure to stake a claim on a problem that you solve. This serves multiple purposes – not only does it help drive traffic to your site and position you as a knowledgeable expert, it can also save you time.

Instead of answering questions from clients one-by-one, you could edit the question to be more general, then turn it into a public-facing FAQ. That way, you’re not only creating content, you’re helping your clients with their educational needs.

Ensure your site is easy to manage

There are plenty of options here on how to approach a site build – from custom coding to a DIY platform. Ensure that whatever you choose, it’s relatively easy to update and manage.

There are plenty of tools available that can help you build, with pre-made templates. You could consider asking a colleague for advice on what they use or use a free trial on a few different options to see which one seems like the best fit.

An option available specifically for allied health is Clinic Sites. The user-friendly platform provides options for design support, while offering a seamless integration with Jane. This can save maintenance time by automatically pushing customer-facing updates from your Jane account right to your website.

Your site is a great vehicle for generating revenue

Your website should be an income-generating machine, not a one-and-done line-item in a budget. It’s an investment that provides you with a great return.

Some options for generating revenue include:

Compelling bookings: “Don’t make it hard to find the booking button! At 8pm at night is when most bookings happen- having easy online booking is important,” Jon says.

Online courses: This showcases your expertise and ability to solve a problem. One option is to create a five module course around what people are struggling with.

Sell products: This can be a way to provide your clients with items they might need, all while earning an extra source of revenue.

Your site is always evolving: don’t forget to nurture it

Unless you’re pouring energy into something, it’s not going to grow. Ensure that someone is tasked with keeping your site fresh, relevant, and up to date.

A few ways to nurture your website:

  • Add content regularly, like blog posts or FAQs
  • Monitor the analytics to see what’s working, and what’s not. Many website platforms come with simple tools to see how many times someone might visit your pages. You can also explore options like adding Google Analytics, if you feel comfortable.

In the end, websites are another way you can care for your clients. When you think of it in that light, it can become a more exciting and (hopefully, genuine) way to approach your content and design.

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