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Introducing Classes & Group Bookings

February 04, 2018

We’re excited to officially announce Jane’s new class and group booking features! We know many of you have been suffering through some cumbersome workarounds to book classes and groups on your schedule (using multiple staff profiles and booking shifts in multiple rooms), and we’re so relieved and happy to let you know there is now a better way.

Jane’s class booking features allows you to seamlessly offer classes and one-on-one bookings together on your schedule.

Simply create a treatment in Jane and set the capacity to more than 1 participant, and this treatment becomes a class. You can then book that treatment onto your schedule, which will schedule that class and make it available for participants to book into. Works great for online booking too.

Each participant can be arrived, charted on, billed, and insured - just like any other booking in Jane.

Check out Jane’s guide to class and group booking.

Discipline Specific Intake Forms

We need you to do some homework for this one. One of the requests we receive a lot is for Jane to be able to offer intake forms based on the discipline of the upcoming appointment, not just the discipline of the staff member. We unfortunately never made it mandatory for you to choose a discipline when you created your treatments, so we had no way to offer this feature.

We’ve changed that now, and it would be great if you could review all of your Treatments in the Settings area, and make sure each of your treatments has a discipline assigned.

You can check out your new Account Recommendations page in the Settings area (full access required) to see if you need to do this for any of your Treatments.

Read Jane’s guide to Intake Forms.

All the Other New Things

We have made hundreds of little fixes and improvements in recent weeks, too many to list, but we’ll let you know about some of the noteworthy ones.

  • Practitioner Display Order in Online Booking: You can now choose to order your staff alphabetically, randomly, or by your most available staff listed first.
  • Upcoming Appointments Limit: You can now set a maximum number of appointments that your clients may have booked at any given time.
  • 10 Minute Reservation Countdown: When your customers book online, they get 10 minutes to complete the booking process. There is now a live countdown at the top of the page, and if they need a few more minutes to complete the sign-up or sign in process, they can click a link to extend the countdown.
  • Top Patients / Customers Report: check out this report to see a list of your VIP customers.
  • Multiple Jane Payments Accounts Per Location: Jane’s payments system now supports setting up multiple payment integrations within a single location. This is handy if you want funds deposited directly to each staff member instead of a central clinic bank account. Let our team know if you would like to set this up.
  • Account Ownership: We now require that there be a single staff profile that is marked as the “Account Owner” on each Jane account. This person will be responsible for the Jane subscription fees and also authorizing any special requests on your account. Visit the Staff Permissions area in Settings to check that your ownership and permissions are all set appropriately for your account.
  • Staff Bio Formatting: We’ve added a bunch of options to add some text formatting to your staff bios and support for linking out to other web pages.

And a selection of the recent fixes that we’re not too embarrassed to say out loud:

  • Suppliers are no longer sorted in an apparent random order. We went with alphabetical. I know, so clever of us.
  • We fixed the issue with the discipline list being briefly visible when online booking pages first load. Wasn’t helping anything.
  • After changing the scheduled duration of a treatment in the Settings area, you will now be asked if you want to update all of your upcoming appointments to that new duration. You probably thought this would have already been happening. But it wasn’t. And now it is, and it’s way better.
  • Jane’s main schedule now adapts to appointments and shifts that are outside of your set business hours, so nothing is ever hidden.
  • In related news, we fixed the issue where you could accidentally drag an appointment or shift beyond your business hours.
  • We’ve enabled the escape key on many of the prompts and dialogs that appear in Jane. So, if you drag an appointment and want to cancel, and you intuitively hit the escape key, it will now do what you intended instead of doing absolutely nothing.
  • Credit card expiry dates can now be set up to 21 years into the future because apparently, that’s a thing. The year 2039 is actually a year that we’re talking about now.
  • The email button on the statement page now respects the location you selected at top of the print view.
  • Starred notes were accidentally appearing in your “my tasks” list. Starred notes were definitely thinking a little too highly of themselves, but we’ve had a sit down with them. They now know their place. #teachablemoments
  • All mention of “seeing you” has been removed from the default text in Jane’s emails and online booking pages. So if you provide a remote service your customers won’t be expecting to somehow magically see you.
  • The preview of a chart that has Vitals now only mentions the fields you’ve filled out.
  • We’ve unlimited the limit that prevented a Practitioner Limited staff member from removing a default adjustment from a patient profile, which was never an intended limit.
  • As quirky and charming as it is to refer to yourself in the plural third person, we’ve removed the “Our Team” heading from online booking pages if you only have 1 discipline or 1 staff member.
  • If you’re still reading this, we love you.
  • We fixed an oversight where patients with past appointments could be deleted, which caused all sorts of confusion.
  • We put on our thinking caps and rewrote a bunch of things that resulted in the Compensation Report loading about 3 times faster for clinics with lots of staff.
  • The write-offs report now includes the original date of the invoice.

Thanks for being the best customers in the history of online health practice management software (niche? nah…). And as always, let us know how Jane is working for you.

The Jane Team

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