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October 15, 2014

We’ve been busy adding new features to Jane over the past few months – so busy we keep forgetting to tell you about them!

So, here’s what’s new. Let us know what you think!

SMS Reminders & Multiple Email Reminders

You can now offer your patients more reminder options, including reminders by text message (SMS). Patients could receive an email 48 hours before their appointment, a second email 12 hours before and a text message three hours before. You can easily set up what you’d like to offer, and patients can adjust their preferences any time. Read More

Discounts & Alternate Pricing

Jane now has a really flexible system for offering discounts and alternate pricing. It can be used for promotional purposes, like a “Back to school 15% off” promo, or for tiered pricing, or to pro-bono a visit. Read More

Recurring Appointments

You may have already spotted this new feature: you can now take any appointment in Jane and create a series of appointments just like it with a few clicks. It’s pretty snazzy. Read More

New Reports

Visit the Reports section to see some new reporting:

  • Product Performance Report. See which treatments and products are selling well.
  • Patient Retention Report. See what percentage of visits are new vs. returning customers.
  • Adjustments Report. See how discounts and adjustments are being used.
  • Accounts Receivable. Now includes insurers and an aging summary.
  • Compenstation Report. Report on amounts collected OR amounts invoiced (Cash or Accrual).

Signing In & Signing Up

Patients and staff now have the option to log in using a Google or Gmail account, in addition to the Facebook and Twitter log in options. (This can be especially convenient if you’re tired of remembering usernames and passwords). You can set this up in your My Account page under “Google, Facebook & Twitter”.

And patients who are trying out online booking for the first time have more options to look up their existing profile. They can still enter an email address to look up their account, or they can now enter their mobile phone number. They’ll receive a text message within a few seconds with a four digit code to enter into the site, which gives them access to their profile.

Post-Treatment Time

We’ve added a new preference for staff that allows them to set a post-treatment break time for all their treatments, even if they offer shared Discipline treatments. This is handy if you have multiple staff that offer shared treatments, but would each would like a different post-treatment time preference. Edit your staff profile and select the “Settings” tab to adjust.

Multi-Location Features

In brief, there are a number of new multi-location features:

  • All reporting can be filtered by location
  • Online Booking now begins with a “Pick a Location” landing page
  • Treatment pricing can vary by location
  • Product inventory is unique to each location


Thanks for being part of Jane. And, as always, let us know any thoughts on how we can make Jane even better.

Trevor, Alison and team.

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