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10 New Reasons to Think Jane is Great

December 11, 2015

We’ve noticed that we love articles with lists - like “8 things to know about eating ramen the right way”. (Sorry for the sudden ramen craving!) There’s just something so enticing about lists. So we thought we’d try it with Jane. Here goes.

And if you don’t think Jane is great, sorry our title is so presumptious. And please let us know why. We want you to think Jane is great and we are always up for discussing what could be better.

#1 - Integrated Payment Processing is Coming Very Soon

We don’t usually tease upcoming features, but this is an exciting one, and we want you to know it’s almost here.

Next week we will be officially announcing Jane’s newest feature: Payment Processing. We will be opening 50 spots in our public beta of the new features with sign ups beginning next week.

Here’s 4 of the most exciting features this will bring to Jane:

  • Process credit card transactions right within Jane
  • Store customer’s credit cards for future transactions
  • Customers can pay in advance or put a credit card on file when booking online
  • Your customers can pay their account balance online

We’ll be announcing all the details, including rates and an introduction of our amazing payment processing provider, next week.

If you’re interested in being part of the beta group just hit “Reply” and let us know!

#2 - Multiple Intake Forms

We’ve launched version 2 of Jane’s intake forms. You can now have multiple intake forms for specific disciplines or staff members. When a customer books an appointment, Jane will cleverly prompt the customer to fill out any relevant intake forms for that visit. Or you can choose to send them manually if applicable. See this guide doc for more helpful info on how to set this up.

#3 - Multi-step Intake Forms

We’ve improved the design and workflow of the intake forms for your customers. The form is broken down into 3 steps to make the experience a little simpler and easier to manage.

#4 - Breaks that Repeat

You can now set your breaks to repeat. `Nuff said. Sorry it took so long to add this.

#5 - Discharging Patients

We’ve added a couple of checkboxes to your customer / patient profiles. You can mark them as discharged or deceased. This is mostly for your own reference, but it also removes the customer from any automated email communication or email marketing lists.

#6 - Fast Selection of Date Ranges

Jane’s reporting now has a faster date selection tool. Select the date range field, which will reveal a calendar. Then select a start and end date. If you just want one day, select that date twice. You can also use the dropdown beside the date selection field to select common date ranges, like “This Week” or “Last Month”.

#7 - Choose your billing code library: ICD9, ICD10, or Teleplan

You can now choose which billing code libraries you would like available in Jane. Head to the Billing Codes section of the Settings area, and select which libraries you would like available. If you’re using Teleplan just stick with what you’ve got - Teleplan includes all the ICD9 codes in a very special Teleplan specific way.

#8 - Stagger online booking start times if you book simultaneous visits

If you see multiple patients at a time, and schedule your simultaneous shifts using different rooms in Jane, you can take advantage of a new feature that will stagger the offered appointment times in online booking. So, Jane would offer 9:00am and 9:15am and never offer two options that begin at the same time.

#9 - Wait list badges in grey and yellow

A nice little suggestion from one of our customers: the wait list badge at the top of each day in the schedule is now grey if there are no wait list requests, and yellow if there are some. Hopefully will make Jane a little more glanceable.

#10 - Jane’s Updated Phone Support

We have a new phone system at Jane that has a few new niceties. If all the of the Jane team are on calls you can press 2 to request a call back, so you don’t need to remain on hold, and the system will preserve your spot in the queue.

And please note our local Vancouver phone number has changed. Our support phone numbers are:

Toll Free: 1-844-310-JANE (5263) Vancouver: 604-670-JANE (5263)

Holiday Support Hours

We will be responding to support emails throughout the holidays, but our phone support will be closed on December 24th & 25th, and January 1st, so our team can enjoy some time at home with their families.

OK that’s all for now. Let us know what you think!

Trevor, Alison & the Jane team.

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