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iPad Winner & Some New Things

August 02, 2016

Hello Jane Family,

We hope this email finds you having a fantastic summer. And thank you to all who completed the survey over the past couple of weeks. Your responses were really encouraging, and packed full of great info for how we can continue to make Jane great. We were especially encouraged to learn that 99.9% of you would recommend Jane to a colleague.

So, as thanks, we picked a random survey from the pile of 1,136 surveys, and the lucky winner of a fancy new iPad Pro is Dr. Neal Fong from Heritage Lane Chiropractic in Edmonton!

We’ve been super busy working on some exciting new features (like an integration with a prescription exercise app) but most of the work has been under the hood, to make Jane faster and as reliable as possible.

We have rolled out a number of little tweaks recently and would like to let you know about them. Here they are:

Changes to Backdating Billing Information - Effective as of August 5, 2016

We’re always trying to balance Jane’s friendliness with Jane’s business-y-ness. One area where Jane has been a bit too friendly is around allowing past billing information to change. We understand that corrections need to be made now and then, but we have received enough feedback about this to introduce some new restrictions on who has permission to muck with past financials.

Here are the new rules:

  • Payments can be edited or deleted without restriction on the same day they were created. So if you find a mistake when you are doing your end-of-day cash out, you can still fix any mis-entered information.
  • Only staff with Full Access permissions can edit or delete a past payment.
  • Only staff with Full Access permissions can backdate a payment.

These changes will go live on Friday August 5th.

French & Dutch Translations

Jane’s online booking, emails, receipts, and anything customer facing are all now available in French, Dutch and English. You can set your default language in the Settings area. (Full access required).

SMS Reminder Failsafe

We know your customers come to rely very heavily on Jane’s automated reminders, but there are times when SMS messages can’t be delivered for various reasons. Jane now handles this by detecting the SMS failure and sends a reminder by email to the customer as a back up. This email also lets them know that there was a problem delivering the SMS message and suggests they review their profile information by logging into their account.

Printed Day Sheet Redesign

If you ever need to print a day sheet for your staff, there are two layout options to choose from: Schedule and List. This list view has been redesigned to fit nearly twice as many visits on a page, and includes additional info such as insurance coverage and identifies gaps inbetween appointments.

Gift Card Information

When you’re loading or redeeming a gift card in Jane’s payments screen, Jane now displays the gift card’s current balance along with any notes or warnings you’ve added to the gift card.

Reminder Badge

The little numeric badge on the Reminders button on the main schedule now indicates both the number of Appointment Reminders and Return Visits Reminders that are due to go out today.

Discharge Patients from the Chart

You can now quickly mark a patient as Discharged without leaving their chart. Use the “person” dropdown and choose Discharge. This saves you about 5 clicks.

FOTO - Linking to Existing Profiles

If you’re using Jane’s FOTO integration, you can now link a Jane patient to an existing profile in FOTO. Just enter look up the patient in FOTO and then enter that id in the Create FOTO Patient dropdown on your patients FOTO tab in Jane.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know Jane has a bunch of handy keyboard shortcuts? You can see the list of them all in your user dropdown menu in the top right. There were a couple of shortcuts that some of you were unwittingly triggering, such as Shift + L which switches locations or Shift + P which enables privacy mode. You’ll now see a green message appear when you use some shortcuts now, just to make it super clear what just happened.

A few noteworthy fixes:

  • We were notified that the intake form prompts had gone missing from the online booking confirmation page. We located the missing prompts and have happily reunited them with the confirmation page. All parties are relieved and thankful to be back together.
  • Afternoon charting slow down: There was a particularly elusive problem causing the charting area to become quite slow after many hours of use. We found the cause of the slow down and have eliminated it. Now if only we could eliminate all of our afternoon lulls… coffee will have to do.

Thanks for being such great customers. As always, let us know your thoughts.

The Jane Team

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