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Favourite Teleplan Codes

Jane pulls in the directory of codes every morning, so if there is an update to a price or addition of new codes they will be automatically updated for you.

As I write this, there are 14,798 codes in the Teleplan directory. That’s a lot.

You likely won’t use the majority of those, so you can favourite the ones you do so that they show up on your short list within Jane.

You can find the Teleplan Codes in the Billing Codes area of the Settings Tab. The Teleplan Directory includes the Fee Codes and the Diagnosis Codes so you do not need to enable either of the ICD directories.

To create your short list you can search for the codes you use in the directory and then click on the star at the end of the line.

If you make a mistake, just click the star again to “unfavourite” it.

You can search by number or name of the code:

If nothing is showing up, just make sure your “star” isn’t selected next to the search bar. That will filter your list down to only starred codes.

There is the rare occasion where you might need to create a custom Teleplan Billing Code. Here’s info on how to do that

So now your starred codes will all show up if you begin to search in a fee code area or if you just hit the space bar.

Hope that helps!

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