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Intake Forms in a Multi-Disciplinary Practice

I recently had this question from a clinic using Jane:

We are a multi-disciplinary clinic and were wondering about intake forms and how to best set them up. As you know the demographic data and basic health history overlap for all the different disciplines. However after that the patient information is specific to the field of each practitioner. How can we avoid having data duplication on the patient side? Also how can we extend the original form to cover specialized areas. So that each discipline sends a unique form?

I love getting questions like this - where the way we’ve developed Jane can solve a problem!

If you’d like to learn more about the basics of Intake Forms, hop into this guide. There’s a great, step-by-step video you can follow along with!

Now, let’s take a look at how this can be set up in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Multiple Forms

Here’s what your intake form area might look like:

General Intake

If you’d like to have a form that is general to all clients for your clinic you can create an intake form that is sent to all clients on their first visit regardless of discipline. This could include a very basic questionnaire that is relevant to all of your disciplines, and could collect patient demographic information and include general office policy consents.

If you would rather every discipline or practitioner has their own intake form you can skip this one and only have unique forms.

The General area for this consent might look like this:

You can see here that the form is named as a general intake and to be automatically sent before the patient’s first visit. To set this to be assigned to all disciplines, practitioners, and treatments, you can leave the default selection of All Appointments in the Appointment Type tab.

Discipline Specific Intake

This can be an additional intake form(s) that is set to be sent out when a patient books in just for that discipline (or practitioner). So here’s how the General Tab for this consent might look:

When you select the Appointment Type tab, it might look like:

Treatment Specific Intake

This can be an additional intake form(s) that is sent out for patients visiting for a specific treatment offering. Here’s how the Appointment Type for this consent might look:

No Duplication!

For all of Jane’s consents your patient will never have to enter duplicate information. If Jane is sending more than one intake form (in the example above someone booking in for Naturopathic Medicine would receive both the General Intake and the Naturopathic Intake) all of the demographic information will be shared, or if already entered, pre-populated.

Patient’s View

If you book an appointment online they will see this button on the confirmation screen:

Step 1: Profile Info

The beginning of the form is shared. All known profile information is already filled in.

You can see that this patient needs to fill out the Naturopathic Intake and the Massage Intake. This means that they have both an initial Massage and Naturopathic visit coming up. The General Clinic form may have been completed for a previous visit so it is not listed).

Step 2: Questionnaires

Here we start with Massage:

Then we see the Naturopathic Intake:

Once the patient has completed the Questionnaires they can move on.

Step 3: Consents

Practitioner View

Once submitted the intake forms are displayed in the patient’s chart:

That’s a preview of the text inside, and you can click on the entry to expand and see the whole thing.

If you want to go even deeper with Intake Forms, you can check out our Jane Webinar recap! Let us know if you have any further questions or feedback.

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