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Chart Smarter, Not Harder, With Jane

See all the ways you can use Jane’s Smart Charting features to make your documentation quick, efficient, and thorough.

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Chat and Q&A

Here’s what attendees were asking during the session:

Q: How can I stop my Chart Templates from getting so long? With all the options we need to include, they end up being a pain to get through.

A: It sounds like something we call ‘Modular Charting’ might be helpful. If you build a very basic main Chart Template and several condition/treatment-specific mini Chart Templates, you can add those mini templates to the main template as needed while you’re charting.

To add a Chart Template to the Chart Entry you’re working on, click the three dots to the right of any charting field, and then choose the ‘+’ button. Click Templates, and then select one of the mini templates you’ve created.

Jane community member, Sharon, mentioned that she likes to chart this way. If you’d like to see her templates, you can go to the Chart Template Library, select Acupuncture, and search ‘Sharon’. Anything with a ‘+’ in the title is a mini, treatment-specific template.

Q: I’ve created all my Phrases and my co-worker wants to use them too. How can I transfer them?

A: We often suggest that practitioners create their own list of Phrases since it’s important that they make sense to you and the short form is easy to remember! If you would like to share, though, you can do so by going to the Phrases tab in your Staff Profile, clicking the three dots to the right of the search bar, and choose Export Phrases.

You can send this file to your co-worker, who can then use those same three dots in their own Phrases tab to Import Phrases. Once they’ve uploaded that file to Jane, they’ll be able to use your Phrases.

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