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Caring for Clients Near End-Of-Life & Coping With Loss as a Caregiver

Listen in on a real counselling session between a practitioner and psychologist, in which they discuss coping with death and dying as a caring professional.

For this session, we wanted to share some of the insights, questions, and recommendations from session attendees. We feel so fortunate to have a community of compassionate caregivers who are always willing to engage and support one another. 💙

“In reference to taking things home with us: I think it is also so important to recognize our own limitations of power (this comes up a lot for therapists). Essentially, we need to recognize that we are there to support, not to save/cure, or take away from the client’s experience because they deserve to have that ownership on their story.”

“How do you go about reclaiming your own skin after spending time caring for others?”

  • “Showering and imagine the day being washed off”

  • “I moved to a new space where I have an office to close the door to my therapeutic work”

  • “Washing my hands between patients that I then focus on letting any energy from the patient go down the drain and taking two good belly breaths”

  • “Exchanging energy with nature”

“You don’t always need to know what to say or have the answers. It can be as simple as saying, ‘How shall I be with you during this time?’”

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