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Hiring, Training & Retaining an Exceptional Front Desk Team

Learn what a successful hiring and training program consists of and how you can go about building your own.

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If you prefer reading at your own pace, you can flip through Myodetox’s slides.

  • Learn more about Myodetox
  • Explore Myodetox and Jane’s hiring pages to see what’s included and get ideas for your own job postings

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Chat and Q&A

Here’s what attendees were asking during the session:

Q: What platform do you use to build your training program?

A: Both Myodetox and Jane use Notion as a collaborative workspace. You can start by using whatever tools you have and feel comfortable with, though! Building a training program is a big undertaking; if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t complicate it by trying to learn a whole new tool as well.

Q: Could you provide a template for building a training program?

A: We’ll get working on that! We’ll be sure to announce it on our blog or via email when it’s ready.

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