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Best Practices: Privacy & Security in Jane (Webinar)

Learn how you can set up your Jane account to be as secure as possible. It’s easier than it sounds!

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We suggest using a password manager to help ensure your passwords are strong and different for every account.

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From the Chat and Q&A

You all had so many great questions! Here’s a sample of the most frequently asked:

Q: “My Clinic Owner does little on Jane apart from his schedule and charts. I do all billing, setting up, reporting etc. so I am currently the Account Owner. He SHOULD be Account Owner, as he should own the data, but I’m worried my access will be limited if we change it.”

A: We hear this a lot! You will still have the capabilities to do your billing, setting up, and reporting with a Full Access profile, which is the level of access an account owner has within the Jane account. The only difference for the account owner is access to changing the Jane subscription and some instances regarding deletion of data or transferring charts.

As a reminder, whoever is considered the owner of data in the account (including charts and billing data) should be designated as the account owner within Jane.

Q: “What if the account owner passes away?”

A: As long as you have named someone in your Will and Testament as the Practice Trustee, or add your Jane login to the Will for your lawyer to pass to the Trustee, we would work with the lawyer and/or Trustee to receive confirmation of the situation from a legal standpoint and follow instructions at that time.

In an event like this, we would require a legal confirmation, and possibly also contact with the regulatory body, to ensure data protection by first confirming that health records should be turned over to another individual and that the new individual is qualified to care for them.

Should you ever run into a situation where you are a practitioner or administrator and the account owner has passed away suddenly, the first step would be to reach out to your regulatory body, but you can also reach out to us at [email protected] for guidance.

Q: “How can we set 2 staff as account owners?”

We consider there to be a single account owner as per our Terms of Use. In most cases, the named account owner merely acts as a messenger who relays mutual decisions made at the clinic level by all parties. Here’s a snippet from our Terms of Use:

“… whoever is considered the legal custodian of all data (i.e. chart data, patient health information, etc.) in the account, should be reflected as the account owner in Jane. If your clinic has two clinic owners, we recommend having external agreements outside of Jane.”

Q: “Could a hacker get into your 1Password account with your master password, and then have access to all your passwords?”

A: While it’s always possible that a service falls victim to a hacker, password managers are designed to be much more secure than other types of services. For example, 1Password uses security features like a Secret Key system that uses 128-bit cryptography to provide you with a truly secret, non-replicable login credential, which makes your 1Password account much more secure than a normal web app like Chrome.

Q: “How safe is it for practitioners to have Jane on their phones so they can view their schedules?”

A: It’s not specifically unsafe to have Jane on your phone, but you would want to follow best practices like having a strong password on your Jane account and signing out after using the account, along with having a passcode on your phone. You can also sign out of any active sessions from another device should you lose your phone.

Q: “Is Jane considering adding two-step authentication?”

A: Yes, we are currently going through the process of adding multi-factor authentication to Jane. We want to ensure we have mechanisms in place so that when we add in MFA as a feature that we do so in a way that keeps Jane easy to use.

💙 Update: As of 2023, Jane now has a 2-Step Verification feature! By enabling 2-Step Verification on your staff profile, you’ll receive a one-time SMS code to your mobile phone that you enter in Jane each time you log in, after entering your password.

If you ever have privacy or security concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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