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Jane Summer School 2021: All Sessions

Welcome to the home of the Allied 2021: Jane Summer School’s full curriculum! 🤓 You can watch the entire playlist above, or browse through the courses below to find exactly what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Jane: Advanced Skills

The Jane team is here to help! 💙 Become a power user with these sessions that were designed to help you get the very most out of Jane.

Back to the Future: Where Jane’s Been & Where We’re Headed

Get caught up on all the features Jane has released over the past 8 months and take a sneak peek at what we’re working on now!

Working With Couples & Families in Jane

Learn how to use Jane’s Relationships feature to link client accounts and see the two workflows we recommend for working with couples in Jane.

Money Talks: How Jane Makes It Easy To Get Paid

Gain a better understanding of credit card processing and discover all the ways you can streamline collecting money with Jane Payments.

Building an Inclusive Workplace with Jane

Find out how you can customize your Jane account to let clients know that your practice is safe and inclusive. And, introducing Jane’s Pronouns feature!

Chart Smarter, Not Harder, With Jane

See all the ways you can use Jane’s Smart Charting features to make your documentation quick, efficient, and thorough.

Cuppa with the Jane UK Team 🇬🇧

Join the Jane UK team for a cuppa and a chinwag to get to find out where Jane’s heading for our UK and EU users!

Fantastic Reports & Where To Find Them

Use Jane’s Reports to answer important business questions like, ‘How is my client retention?’, ‘Which of my services or products are most popular?’, and ‘What are my busiest times?’.

Best Practices: Privacy & Security in Jane

Learn how you can set up your Jane account to be as secure as possible. It’s easier than it sounds!

A New ERA: US Insurance Billing Features in Jane 🇺🇸

Take a tour of Jane’s upcoming ERA management tool, and hear how we plan to make billing insurance as frictionless as possible in the future.

Practitioner Life Skills 101

Being in a caring profession is challenging, and who knows that better than other caring professionals? Join some friends of Jane as they chat about the unique challenges you face as helpers and provide some tips on how to overcome them.

Turning Trust into Treatment: Practitioner-Patient Communication

Find out where and how miscommunications between practitioners and patients occur, and how you can prevent them in the future.

A Practitioner’s Journey Through Burnout & Recovery

Hear one practitioner’s story of burnout and what she did to get back to running a successful practice.

Caring for Clients Near End-Of-Life & Coping With Loss as a Caregiver

Listen in on a real counselling session between a practitioner and psychologist, in which they discuss coping with death and dying as a caring professional.

Business School

Jane users often tell us that they’ve spent countless hours learning their craft, but no one ever taught them how to run a business! Luckily, we’ve got some pretty business-savvy friends who stepped up to the chalkboard to help.

Hiring, Training & Retaining an Exceptional Front Desk Team

Learn what a successful hiring and training program consists of and how you can go about building your own.

General, Professional & Cyber Liability Insurance for Practitioners 🇨🇦

Discover the various types of insurance that you, as a practitioner and/or practice owner, may need and some of the tricks to finding the right policy for you.

Virtual Assistant vs. Virtual Reception

Find out what each of these services does and how you can work with them to get the most out of what they have to offer.

Front Desk Solutions For The SOLO Practitioner

See the ways in which you can automate your admin to save yourself time and money as a solo practitioner.

The Five Essentials Of Clinic Websites (& One Thing To Avoid)

Learn how you can make your investment in a clinic website worth the cost and avoid the most common mistakes that businesses make.

Billing in the USA: Tips & Tricks From Billers 🇺🇸

Hear what three professional billers have to say about getting started with billing insurance and how you can streamline the process.

Building Your Authentic Brand Story

Uncover your own unique values and strengths, and find out how those can be harnessed to create a thriving business.

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