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ICBC Chiro - Flat Fee Program

Flat Fee Program Notes and References

ICBC does not permit electronic billing for the Chiropractic Flat Fee Program.  That means there are a couple of steps to work through to set up the insurance properly and make sure that the billing is then completed by faxing in the various reports or through their online form.  

First of all - to learn more about the Flat Fee Program, visit the ICBC Reference Page for Chiros.

Especially helpful might be the Flat Fee Chiro Payment Schedule that shows all the rates and when you can charge them.

Create an Insurer in Jane

The first step for working with Jane is to create an insurer for ICBC - Chiro Flat Fee. You can review this help document for more details on setting up an insurer.

Remember that this insurer is not a Teleplan insurer, so you’ll want to make sure to select just the ICBC option:

For a super snazzy experience, add the online form submission address in the Portal URL field so that Jane will launch the form for you.

The portal address is: https://onlinebusiness.icbc.com/eforms/dotcom/jsp/CL470.jsp

Next, you can uncheck the options for Patient Pays Remaining, Co Pay and Deductible as you won’t require those fields for this style of billing.

And we also recommend that you set the insurer to not require submission for ‘No Charge’ invoices as you’ll only be submitting claims when a report is being billed.

All visits in between will be set as “No Charge” just for tracking purposes to say that a visit on a specific date was part of the Flat Fee Program but are otherwise not submitted.

Create Billing Codes in Jane

Next, you’ll need to create billing codes for the different billings you’ll send to ICBC in Settings > Billing Codes.

Choose New Billing Code, and set up a code for the ICBC fee.  

It seems that everyone is managing the billing of the Flat Fee Program a little differently, so it depends on how you work with the flat fee program in your clinic.

Recommended: Create one code for the initial report ($220), one code for the discharge report ($695), and separate codes for each other amount (ie. Extension) that are labelled based on what’s being paid by ICBC. Again, here’s the Flat Fee Chiro Payment Schedule that shows all the rates and when you can charge them.

You can call your billing codes anything you like, and they might look something like this:

Once these pieces are set up, you’re ready to begin setting up claims to track the billing for the ICBC Flat Fee Program in Jane.

Create the Claim in Jane

You can setup a claim from the patient’s appointment pane under the Insurance Info section

Or from their Profile > Billing > Claims area and attach it to their appointment later

In both cases, select your ICBC - Chiro Flat Fee insurer, and begin to enter the claim information.

Under the “Default Coverage” section, we recommend setting the Max Amount field to $0.

Default coverage refers to the coverage amounts (or billing codes) that apply to the majority or all of the patient’s visits, and because you’re only billing at certain intervals (ie. Initial Report and Discharge Report), the majority of the patient’s visits will be set as “No Charge” visits.

You can then remove the $0 from the Max Amount field and add the relevant billing code from your main scheduler once the claim is attached to the appointment when amounts are billed:

If it all looks good, Arrive the appointment and the insurer invoice (ICBC) will be created.

Submitting Reports

We mentioned above that the agreement between ICBC and Chiros is that reports are submitted either via fax or the online form on ICBC’s website.

If you’ve added the online form to the “Portal URL” field of your ICBC insurer, then you can launch the report from the Claim Screen.

From the Schedule click on the appointment to open the appointment pane to the right.

At the top there is the claim name in blue.

When you click on the blue words ICBC - Flat Fee you will launch the claim window including a link to the report:

Which will launch this:

Tracking Claim Submissions in Jane

After submitting your report through the ICBC portal, you can mark the claim as Submitted via the Unsubmitted folder in the Billing tab of your account.

The invoice will appear here as long as the appointment has been Arrived.

Once you receive payment from ICBC, you can record it in Jane using the New Payment workflow.

From the Billing tab of your account, find ICBC - Flat Fee under “Insurer Invoices” and then click New Payment.

Record the amount paid and then click Next.

Now you can search the invoices to pay off and apply each payment individually.

If you click View All, Jane will pull up all outstanding invoices under the insurer for ICBC - Flat Fee.

That’s it!

If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and one our support peeps would be more than happy to help you out.

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