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Courtesy Billing or Patient Pre-Pay - (Sending claims to Insurers but getting paid in full up-front by Patients first)

There’s quite a few ways to manage insurance billing in your practice. Some clinics bill insurers directly and the insurer will pay the clinic directly. Some clinics provide receipts or superbills and let the client submit to their insurer on their own.

But there’s also a model that is a bit of a hybrid. With this approach, patients pay in full upfront (Cash Pay) and then the clinic submits to the insurer on their behalf. The insurer then sends any eligible reimbursement directly to the patient.

We call this “courtesy billing” because the billing is done as a courtesy to the patient so that they don’t have to leave your practice and figure out all the paperwork themselves, but you as a practice don’t have to wait for payment from the insurer.

Jane has a setting that can be enabled called “Patient Pre-Pay” that will both bill the patient your full cash/private fee for collection at the time of visit, but also allow you to send the claim off to insurance for direct patient reimbursement.

One more warning that this setting will tell the insurance companies to reimburse the PATIENT directly. No insurer payments will come to the clinic.

For this reason, claims created and submitted will not be considered in your practice’s A/R or Sales numbers, although you can still track which claims have been sent in and which ones still need to be submitted using Jane’s insurance management.

To Enable this setting send us an email at [email protected] or through the “Need Help” area of your account and we can turn it on for you.

To use courtesy billing you would still go through all of the normal steps to create an insurer, a claim and to insure a visit.

USA: See this Insurance Getting Started Guide for a full overview of US billing.

CANADA: See this Insurance Getting Started Guide - Canada for a full overview of Canadian Billing.

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