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ICBC - CL20 Report

Here’s everything you need to know on billing a CL20 report :)

Note: This will be a manual submission by fax, mail, or email as this fee is not billable through Teleplan.

If the report you need to invoice is a different report than the CL20, you can essentially follow the same steps. You’d create a product for whichever report you need to invoice and price it based on what ICBC has agreed to pay. Head over to our guide on billing products to insurers for more general instructions.

Create a Product for the CL20

Create a product for the CL20 priced at $46 or what ICBC has approved to pay.

You may want to assign the product to its own income category like “Documentation Income” to help with financial reporting later on.

Here’s our guide doc on Creating Custom Income Categories and how it can help with faster invoice reconciliation.

Invoice the Product

Pull up the Patient’s Profile and head to their Billing tab.

Click New Purchase at the top right of the screen and look up the product from the search bar.

If a staff member is to receive compensation for this report, be sure to assign the product to that staff member using the pencil icon.

The product will now show up as an invoice line in the patient’s Purchases list ready to be insured.

Insure the invoice

If you haven’t already created a manual/paper claim insurer for ICBC, you’ll want to do so before proceeding.

  • Be sure to choose option 3 ICBC - for non-teleplan claims because we are not submitting via Teleplan.

You can call it something like “ICBC - Manual” and set the insurer’s default behaviour.

Now next to the invoice, click View.

Scroll down to the Insurance Info section and use the Add Claim/Policy button to create a claim if one is not already set up.

If it’s the first time you are creating the claim, a screen pops up to let you add all additional information, including claim number and adjuster. Leave the default coverage to 100% and you don’t need a fee code.

Here’s our guide on creating a claim just in case.

If there is an existing claim that you’d like to use, simply select it from the claim/policy list.

Attach the claim, and the invoice is ready to go.

Since the product is set up with a price of $46, and the coverage within the claim settings is 100%, it should state the payer ICBC is invoiced $46:

Printing or Emailing the Invoice

Click directly on the insurer’s invoice (in blue), and proceed to print a copy that can be faxed to ICBC with your CL20 report.

Brings up a new window:

Alternatively, you can email the invoice to the adjuster if that’s what he/she prefers. To save a PDF copy of the invoice to attach to an email, you’ll want to follow the same steps as if you were to print the invoice, and select the PDF button instead in the print preview.

Managing the Submission

Managing the submission and receipt of payment for this invoice can be done the same way you have been doing for previous ICBC - Manual and other third party paper claims.

You’ll first mark the claim as submitted after sending the invoice to ICBC onto the invoice.

Check out our doc on Billing to Insurers Without an Appointment (For Phone Calls, Chart Notes, Reports, etc.) if you need a hand!

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