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Getting Started with Teleplan in BC

If you’re just about to take your first steps and haven’t yet signed up with Teleplan, you might want to check out this Guide on Signing up for Teleplan first.

Then you’ll want to head on over to your Settings tab, and hit Teleplan Info:

If you’re not seeing the option, it would be a good idea to check out your Clinic Info & Locations first, and double-check that your location Province is set to British Columbia.

Enter the username and password that you received from Teleplan, noting that these fields are case-sensitive:

Now, it’s important to think about whether Teleplan will be paying the Clinic as a whole, and then the clinic will distribute the funds to each practitioner, or if each practitioner will be responsible for submitting to Teleplan. Either way, you’ll want to head over to each staff profile and click Edit / Settings:

Then click again on Settings:

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the Teleplan info:

Fill out all the applicable fields. All practitioners who will be submitting to Teleplan will need a practitioner number. If Teleplan will be paying the clinic as a whole, then you can leave the staff Payee number blank. If Teleplan will be paying each individual practitioner, then each staff member will need to have their own payee number.

Great! You’re ready to start submitting claims😎

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