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Debit Request (Return Payment to Teleplan)

To return these payments made through Teleplan, you’ll need to submit a Debit Request for each payment. A Debit Request is the process through which the payment made onto a claim is refunded back to the insurer (ICBC, WSBC or MSP).

To initiate this process, you’ll want to head to the Billing tab of your account and then to the Approved folder under Claim Submissions. It’s recommended that you filter that folder by the insurer (ie. MSP) and patient name, so that you’re not stuck scrolling through 100’s of approved claims.

To the right of each paid claim, click the drop down and choose to Create Debit Request.

You’ll be prompted to enter a reason for the refund and the reason for the debit request should be whatever reason best supports why you’re sending the money back.

After saving the reason for the debit request, the claim will now be in your Queued (Electronic) folder and can be submitted just like any other Teleplan claims.

It is strongly recommended that as soon as the claims to be refunded end up in Queued (Electronic) that you submit them right away. See Sending Teleplan Claims for more information.

It is also important to refrain from clicking the “Update Invoices” button in the purchase window while the debit request is in a Queued state.

This ensures that the request is submitted to Teleplan correctly without any hiccups.

Once the refunds are processed, the claims will display as Refunded and you will see on your remittance report that the funds have been withdrawn for the amounts debit requested.

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