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GST and Modifying Teleplan Billing Codes

Jane downloads a list of Teleplan billing codes every morning at 8am. So if a code is updated or changed, it will be automatically updated for you.

But! There are some codes that are set to a certain price by Teleplan even though they have a variable rate depending on how or what you’re billing. Product sales or GST are a few examples.

Here’s how you can let Jane know that you need to bill a different amount.

Create a Custom Code

Head to Settings, Billing Codes, Create New Code

Then create a code with the same number but the amount you would most likely be charging. Here’s an example using GST. The default amount provided by Teleplan for code 19332 is $35.00. But you might usually charge a different amount:

Then use the correct version of the code when you add the billing code:

Your custom code will always show up on your “short list” - and you’ll have to star the pre-populated code if you’d like it to appear.

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