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Adding Your Data Centre to Jane

Please remember to view our guide on managing the Teleplan transition from one software to Jane: Teleplan Transition

If you need to create a new Data Centre, please refer to this guide: Signing Up for Teleplan

Step 1: Update the Temporary Password

If you already have a password you use that is not the temporary one Teleplan assigns you, skip to Step 2.

If this is your first time logging into your Data Centre, or if you had to reset your login and were assigned a temporary password, you will need to first update you password as the temporary password is designed to only work once, and Jane will need ongoing access.

Start by logging into the Teleplan Portal: MSP’s Teleplan Web Access

It should immediately prompt you for a new password. You can only access the website through Internet Explorer or Safari web-browsers, as they don’t allow currently allow access through Chrome.

Feel free to contact support if you’re having trouble with this step!

Step 2: Enter your Data Centre Information into Jane

Once you’ve updated your password and have your Data Centre and Payee number handy, go into Teleplan Info at the bottom of your Settings tab. Click the blue Add Teleplan Login button on the top right.

From here just fill out the required fields and create your login.

💡Pro Tip: This section is case-sensitive. Typically we see Data Centre numbers are capitalized (e.g. T1234), and usernames are lowercase (e.g. ttut1234)

If you click the Manage Password checkbox, Jane will auto-update your password every 40 days when Teleplan prompts for a new one, instead of requiring you to manually update it each month.

You can click “Test Login” afterwards to ensure the account is connected.

Step 3: Add Your Staff’s Teleplan Information

Now that you have your Data Centre ready, we’ll need to add your MSP information into the staff profile. Go into each practitioner and go to Edit/Settings > Settings

At the bottom of this page is a Teleplan section, where you will need to add some more information.

  • Teleplan Service Location is the code used to describe the type of clinic and is used by the Ministry of Health to collect data about treatment locations. This field is optional. The default which is already set for every Jane account is “N - Health Care Practitioner Office (non-physician)”. If you need to use a different Service Location Code for the type of billing you do (i.e. certain physicians) you can change that here. Otherwise, skip to the next field.

  • Teleplan Practitioner Number is the number assigned to them by MSP

  • Teleplan Payee Number is the MSP number of the account receiving payment. If the practitioner receives payment directly, you will need to put the same number in both fields. If the clinic receives payment and pays this out to the practitioner, you can leave the field blank and payment will be assigned to the payee number listed on the Data Centre.

  • MSP Enrolment is the enrolment status you registered with MSP. Most practitioners will be Soft-Opted Out (where you collect part of the fee from the patient, and part from MSP)

And now you’re set to go!

You can follow our guide on Creating a Patient Claim to bill your items through Teleplan.

And here’s how to Send Your Claims to Teleplan

We already have all of the Teleplan codes you will need built into out system, so you just need to know the appropriate codes to use.

As always, feel free to connect with our support team if you need any help with this along the way.

Hope this helps!

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