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Teleplan Diagnostic Codes (Area of Treatment)

When you’re submitting claims to Teleplan, in addition to requiring a Billing Code, you also need to ensure that each billing code is accompanied by an appropriate Diagnostic Code - the area of the body that was treated.

In general, when searching for Teleplan diagnostic codes in Jane, you’re able to pull them up by keying in the specific number for the code, or by typing in a keyword within the description of the code - ie. 7393 - LUMBAR REGION. This code would pull up if you entered 7393, or if you typed out lumbar.

Here’s what displays when just typing Lumbar:

And this is what displays when typing the numeric code 7393:

You can add the diagnostic code either way. After the code you’re looking for pops up, click directly onto it and it will add to the field for diagnostic code.

You can find a comprehensive list of all Teleplan diagnostic codes on the MSP/Teleplan website

As a heads up though, these codes are all listed with a decimal point as that is the format for ICD-9 codes - When submitting to Teleplan from Jane, you need to use the Teleplan specific codes which are basically the same numbers, just without the decimal points. So when entering into Jane, just make sure to leave the decimal out.

After reviewing that list, or recalling specific codes by memory, I would recommend that you make a list of the most commonly used codes and then take a few moments in Jane to mark them as favourites so that they pop up for you easier in the future.

For more information on keeping track of most commonly used codes click here

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