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Compensating Multiple Practitioners for Block Billing

In cases where you’ve got practitioners sharing patients, or helping each other out to cover vacations etc. you will need to bill the block itself under the practitioner who provided the treatment/appointment on the date that the block is required to be billed, but then split the total block payment amongst all practitioners involved, outside of Jane.

We always recommend that you calculate the split of a block payment outside of Jane and then manually calculate the necessary adjustments to each practitioners compensation. We know block billing can be difficult to manage especially when patients are jumping between practitioners! The intention of the block billing system is really that the entire course of care when billed out as a whole provides adequate compensation, so when therapists split just the treatment block every clinic decides on a different way to manage that.

In our experience, we know it doesn’t always work to have the patient see a single practitioner for the entire course of treatment so what we recommend doing is keeping spreadsheets to split these payments up outside of Jane, leaving the original payments in Jane as-is.

When a client flips between therapists you will have to manually calculate the cost of each appointment that falls within a block based on the overall payment for the block and number of visits that occurred within that block. Then you’ll deduct/add the appropriate amounts to each practitioners compensation.

While you might already have a preferred workflow for managing this, we’ve outlined our recommended process in case you haven’t found your system yet :)

The Process

For example, a Standard Treatment Block is paid at $560 and when paid through Teleplan, ends up paid to Practitioner 1.

Patient A completes the course of treatment, however the 12 visits that fall into that treatment block, happen with both Practitioner 1 and Practitioner 2. Practitioner 1 provides 8 of 12 treatments and Practitioner 2 provides 4 of 12.

To calculate what each treatment would ‘cost’, you’ll divide 560 by 12, so : 46.67

Practitioner 1 : 8 X 46.67 = 373.33

Practitioner 2 : 4 X 46.64 = 186.67

On the Compensation Report for Practitioner 1, the $560 would have been included. So for Practitioner 1, you’d subtract $186.67 that’s owed to Practitioner 2. And for Practitioner 2, you’d add $186.67 to their Compensation Total.

If you have any questions on this workflow, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

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