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Billing for Photocopies / Records to WSBC

When it comes to billing WSBC through Teleplan for things like clinical record requests and/or reports that are billed when patients don’t have an appointment booked, you can bill for a “product” to the patient and attach a WSBC claim to it. From there, you’ll be able to add the applicable fee code to the product purchase so that it can be submitted through Teleplan.

Setting Up

To get started, you can head to Settings > Products to create your product. If you’d like a refresher, you can check out our guide on creating a product here.

You might create a product called Chart Notes. If you’ve got a few different products for chart record requests, you may find it helpful to name your products based on what and who is being billed, ie. WSBC Clinical Record Request. You can set up the product with a charge of just $1.00 as the billing codes will be used to generate the amount submitted to WSBC :)

Billing for the Product

Head to the patient’s profile and into their Billing tab, and there you can create a New Purchase:

Here you can search for the product and select it. Since these items are being billed through Teleplan, it’s important to make sure that a staff member is selected so that an applicable MSP Practitioner Number is populated into the record submitted through Teleplan to WSBC. To do this, use the pencil button to pull up the list of staff to choose from, select the correct practitioner and then hit Save:

The product will now show up as an invoice line in the patient’s billing list and you will be able to View the sale to add the policy to it under the Insurance area:

You can select an existing policy from the drop-down menu, or you can create a new policy if you need. Once the policy has been added to the product purchase, you can add in your code. For multiple codes, make sure that you add the policy for each code needed. You will need to add a diagnosis code, so just choose whichever one matches the most commonly treated area for that patient:

Here are the codes you may need :

First for Physiotherapy:

  • 19171 Photocopies (first 20 pages)…………………………$42.00
  • 19172 Photocopies (every page over 20 pages)…..$1.26/page

Then for Chiropractic:

  • 19382 Photocopies (first 20 pages)………………………..$42.00
  • 19383 Photocopies (every page over 20 pages)…..$1.25/page

Then for Massage Therapy:

  • 19156 Photocopies (first 20 pages)………………………..$30.00
  • 19157 Photocopies (every page over 20 pages)…..$1.26/page

For example, let’s say that as a physiotherapist you need to bill for 26 pages. You would use the code 19171 on the first policy, and then 19172 on the second policy and adjust the quantity to 6:

You should now find these claims in the Unsubmitted (Teleplan) folder and they can be submitted just like your regular Teleplan claims! They should also come back paid as normal, however you will need to send the clinical records by courier or fax outside of Jane.

Exporting the Records to Send to WSBC

To provide these files to WSBC, you’ll need to export the chart from Jane so that it can be either faxed to couriered. To export, just head into the patient’s Charts tab and use the Filter / Export button on the right. This will allow you to first filter the chart before printing it:

If you need any help setting this up, feel free to connect with our support team!

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