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How to Save and/or Remove a Credit Card on a Client’s Profile

With Jane Payments, you can safely add and save credit card information for your clients right within their profiles. There are a couple of different places where this information can be safely added so let’s dive in!

NOTE📍: If your clinic is not using Jane Payments, you won’t be able to store information in plain text within your Jane account (i.e. within Charts, Notes or anywhere you can type in). Jane itself isn’t PCI compliant, which is required for any system that wants to store credit cards. That’s why we use PCI-compliant payment processors - we work with the best in the business to keep Jane secure. For more information on PCI compliance, you can check out our guide doc on Is Jane PCI-Compliant?, which has more detailed information.

Adding a Credit Card to a Profile without processing a payment

With credit card expirations and address changes, you’ll occasionally need to add a new credit card to a patient or client’s profile.

To start, head over to the Client’s Profile, then Billing within their profile and head on over to the Credit Cards tab. Next, you’ll want to click on the blue Add Credit Card button to get started on saving and adding that new card.

Each of the fields in this area is required so make sure to gather all of this information from your client or patient:

Adding a Credit Card to a Profile when a payment is being processed

If you’re taking a payment and would like to save that payment method for future use, you can do that too!

For the first part of this process, you’ll go through your regular payment workflow. On the last Receive Payment page, you’ll want to remove any pre-populated payment methods (if applicable) and click on the blue Add Payment Method text

From there, you can select Add New Credit Card

You’ll want to enter that patient or client’s credit card number, CVC or security code and Postal/Zip code. Make sure to hit the blue Save button to confirm this change.

The new credit card automatically populates and you’ll be able to use it to complete the transaction. Lastly, make sure to hit one of the blue Pay buttons at the bottom to complete the process.

Once a card has been added on file, the name cannot be changed. To update the name associated with a credit card on file, it will need to be deleted and re-added with the correct name.

Removing a Credit Card from a Profile

If a patient requests that you remove a credit card from their file, you will need to remove it on their behalf. Patients cannot remove their own credit cards from the patient portal.

A user with Administrative/All Billing access or Full access can head over to the patient or client’s Profile, click on Billing within the profile and then head over to the Credit Cards tab. Next, they can click on View next to the card you’d like to remove.

From there, they’ll be able to select the red Remove Credit Card button. Friendly reminder that this will not remove any of the previous transactions that happened on this card, it’s just going to make the card inactive for future use.

Clinics with multiple Jane Payments accounts will have duplicate credits saved within a client’s profile. This is Jane’s way of ensuring that the card is saved on that account specifically and can be used by that staff member’s account, since they operate independently. However, if the card needs to be removed, you’ll only have to do it for one of the saved cards. Jane takes care of the rest and removes it from all the accounts on your behalf.

Clients do not have the ability to delete credit cards in their account portal and instead will need to reach out to the clinic so the card can be deleted from the administrative side of Jane.

Additional Notes

You can also add a credit card to a client or patient’s profile if your clinic uses the Jane Payments Terminal as well! For more information on how this works, you can head over to our Saving credit cards from the Jane Payments Terminal guide 🤓

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