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Side-by-Side Images for Our Aesthetic Practices

Our new Side-by-Side Photos Chart Part allows you to upload two photos for easy comparison in a client’s chart. Some common use cases for aesthetic clinics include treatment progression, before and afters, tracking reactions, and evaluating symmetry.

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Charting from the Client Profile

When you select an appointment from your Day tab, Jane automatically opens the client’s charting area.

Click the Grid > Items > Side-by-Side.

Click Change First Image to upload or take your first photo, and then click Change Second Image to do the same for your second picture. Heads up — if you take a photo from your phone or tablet, it won’t save the photo to the device itself. You can also drag and drop your images into the chart part or click the + button to upload new images directly from your computer.

The default labels are “Before” and “After”, but you can change these if you’d like. For example, you might label them “Left” and “Right”. To make adjustments, simply click on the three dots located to the right of the photo and then select the pencil icon.

You can also change the label of this chart part if you’d like. Depending on the needs of your practice, you might call this Before and After, Progress Photos, or Reaction Tracking.

Charting Tips for Side-by-Side Images

If you’re using side-by-side images to compare progress over time, you might find it helpful to pin the photos to the top of your client’s chart. This might be particularly useful for treatments involving neuromodulators and bio-stimulators, or for monitoring the gradual removal of pigment during resurfacing or laser procedures.

Here are a few workflows that might help in these scenarios:

Option 1:

Pin Item, and leave it unsigned until you have the follow-up image.

Once Pinned, the Side-by-Side image will appear at the top of the client’s charting area. After you’ve added the follow-up image to the client’s charting area, you can sign the chart area.

If you want to sign the chart with the original photo right away, you can opt to Duplicate the original, or Before, image once you are ready to add the follow-up image. Here’s how you’d do it: first, you’ll Sign Chart, then you pin the chart side-by-side with the Pin feature. And finally, you will Duplicate the pinned entry when you’re ready to add the follow-up (or After) image.

Once you’ve duplicated the first chart, Jane will date stamp the new Chart Note to the present appointment date, and you can add the secondary image to your Side-by-Side chart part.

For more Charting tips, feel free to check out or guide From Chart to Finish: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Mastering Charting in Jane.

Updating Templates

Before we added the Side-by-Side Chart Part, you may have used the File/Image Upload Chart Part to upload one image at a time. If you’d like to transition to using the Side-by-Side chart part instead, here’s how to modify your existing templates.

Select Staff > Your Staff Profile. Click on Templates and Edit the existing template you want to update.

Scroll down to the File/Image section of the template. Select the three little dots and Delete Item.

Next, select Add Item > Side-by-Side to add your new chart part.

If you’d like to adjust the placement of the side-by-side chart part within your template, feel free to select those three little dots and Move Up or Move Down.

Finally, if you click on the Chart Part or the pencil icon, you can customize your labels and captions.

💡 Tip: You can also update these labels within a client’s chart if needed.

Voila! Your template has now been updated.

If you’d like to create a template using Side-by Side images, be sure to visit our handy guides on Creating a Chart Template and Chart Parts for Creating a Chart Template, or check out our Template Library.

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