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Printing a Daysheet

Sometimes you still need a hardcopy of a practitioner’s day to work from.

To Print out a Practitioner’s Day start in the Staff Profile.

Find the button that is called “Print Daysheet”

Once you click on that button you’ll get a preview. You can choose to print the daysheet in two ways, either list or schedule, which you can switch between using the toggle at the top of the print view (and then hit “view”).

  1. The Schedule view will lay out the appointments on the schedule, including side-by-side appointments and space where no appointment is booked. If there are no adjacent appointments, the first appointment will span the width of the day column. This view could be quite long if there are short appointments and long breaks:

  1. The List view is more condensed and skips any part of the day with no appointments:

You can even print the daysheet on a receipt printer!

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