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Linking Patient Profiles in Physitrack

Have you moved from one Jane account to another? Or were you using Physitrack before you integrated with Jane?

If so, you will have patient profiles that were created in Physitrack that need to be linked to your current Jane account. And we’ve now made it easier for you to do so!

There are a few ways to do this so feel free to skip ahead to the scenario that applies to you.

You have a Physitrack account before Jane Practitioner might be using multiple Jane accounts Practitioner is moving to another clinic

Link Patient with a GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) Physitrack refers to this as the External Id Jane Clinic ID + Jane Patient ID = GUID

If the Practitioner is moving to another clinic- the GUID will be different.

Multiple ways to link patients.

  1. Auto-Link

Perfect Match Only First name, last name, email, DOB, and GUI id match on both platforms. If all 5 are true (no dialogue boxes) Click on Physitrack It Auto links right away. The patient number and External ID will match.

  1. Invalid Patient Match - Patients are missing attributes on their account. Gender and DOB are missing. You cannot proceed any further. Edit patient’s attribute to go further.

  2. Matching GUID Integration will check the database to see if there is another patient with the same GUID. If it has come up- Should never have a matching Patient ID and GUID If you try to click on the suggested Patient Profile - A client with the given external ID already exists. You cannot have multiple with the same id.

  3. Move clinic click on the patient and confirm the right account confirm + update- change the guid in Physitrack to match what it is in Jane

successfully link to the right patient link the patient change the data on the physitrack side external Id/Guid

settings> integrations > physitrack > edit Practitioner > Delete the wrong client profile

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