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Applying a Payment

Note: Payments can only be applied to appointments that have been invoiced. To invoice an appointment, simply mark it as “Arrived” or “No Show”, and Jane will automatically create the invoice for you. See Patient Arrivals & No Shows to learn more.

Here’s how to apply payments to invoices in Jane:

In the Schedule view, click on the appointment you’re receiving payment for. The Appointment panel will appear on the right-hand side.

Click on the “Pay” button at the top right side of the Appointment panel to reveal the Receive Payment screen.

Before you apply the payment, review the details shown on the Receive Payment screen. If the patient has more than one unpaid invoice, they will all be listed on the Receive Payment screen. You can choose to apply the payment to one or more invoices.

Select the invoices you wish to pay and then click Next.

Now it’s time to choose your payment method. If the client has been to your clinic before, Jane will default to the last payment used. However, if this is the first time you are receiving a payment from your client, Jane will ask you to indicate what form of payment you are accepting by clicking the blue Add Payment Method hyperlink.

A popup window will display all of the options available in your Jane account:

If you don’t see the payment method your client wants to use, you can always add a new payment method to your Jane account. We have a handy guide document on Creating a Payment Method

Ahh…you have applied the payment, reward yourself with a pat on the back and some words of praise. You did it!

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