Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Adding No-Show Fees

Adding no-show fees in Jane is relatively straightforward.

First, choose an appointment that has not yet arrived.

When you click that appointment, you’ll get two options:

  • Arrive the appointment
  • No-show appointment

In Jane, there are predefined options for no-show fees, but you have another option! You can add a customized one.

For this example, we will call it “Late Cancelation.”

You will need to be logged in as a full access person or staff member with full access permissions.

Then, go into settings, scroll down until you get to fees under the billing section.

Here you can see the fees we’ve created by default.

Jane allows you to choose from three different fee types:

  • Override
  • Percent Discount
  • Dollar Discount

The override option is a preset amount, the percent option is a percent discount off the dollar amount, and finally a straight up dollar discount.

Here is a working example:

In this scenario, we are going to add a $20 fee (although in Jane it shows up as a dollar discount) it is actually a $20 additional fee off the charge.

Click to create the fee, so what happens now is whenever you apply this late cancellation fee, it’ll charge the full amount of the visit minus $20

Now you can go back and mark a specific visit.

Let’s use Larry here as an example:

Larry cancels his appointment late so now it’s time to charge him a late cancellation fee.

You now go to no-show cancellation, and since the original amount was $50, it will now be set to $30 owing. Jane records that Larry owes $30 because he canceled late.

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