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Re-Ordering Treatments (Admin Schedule and Online Booking)

Sometimes you would like your treatments ordered with your most popular choice at the top. Or maybe you would like to group certain visit types together.

In any case, you can choose to display your treatments in any order you like. There’s a few things to consider about your treatment order in Jane.

Individual Practitioner in Online Booking and Admin Schedule

You can re-order individual practitioner’s display order from their Staff Profile.

This one is important for your online booking as people often use the first option on the list. The first treatment is also the default used when client’s view the “Monthly” view of your calendar.

When you click on a practitioner in online booking, Jane will display them in this order.

Looks like this online:

And like this in the admin schedule:

Book by Treatment in Online Booking

If you want to change the order listed on the main booking page under the “Book By Treatment” area of online booking, head to Settings > Treatments & Classes to click and drag the up/down arrow next any treatment to re-order it within the list:

The order will be reflected here:

Let us know if you need more help getting Jane to display treatments just the way you like!

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