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UK Insurance Step 1 - Setting up Insurers 🇬🇧

Welcome to our guidance on Jane’s UK insurance features 🇬🇧 We’ve broken this guidance up into small, digestible chunks, and you’ll find links to each step at the bottom of the page.

 👉 An important point we’d like to call out from the get-go are that these instructions are our general recommendations for most clinics. We understand that your clinic may manage things differently, or work with other types of third parties, so please don’t be shy— book a call with us if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help!

Before you can jump in and start creating insurance policies for your patients, you’ll need to set up the insurance companies and third parties you work with. Let’s get started:

Creating an Insurer

You’ll need to have Admin/All Billing or Full Access to your account for these steps.

To add an insurance provider to your account, you can head to the main Settings tab > Insurers > Click New Insurer

From here, fill in the name of the insurer (required) and any other information, such as the insurer’s address and contact info. 

👉 Please note that as of the date of publishing (February 2023), our Healthcode export option is still in development, and isn’t available to use. If you plan to export and submit your invoices through Healthcode in bulk, you can select the relevant ‘Healthcode Insurer Identifier’ from the list. Setting the identifier now just saves you having to come back and do it in future, when the option to export from Jane is available!

Billing Portals

You can also link the insurance company’s online billing portal, if required. For example, you could add a link to Bupa’s Providers Online Portal. This will allow you to launch the portal directly from a patient’s insurance policy for claim submissions. 

You can view some more information about managing claims and portals on this guide: Working with Claim Submissions - Online Insurer Portals

Default Insurer Settings

In general, we recommend you keep the following fields enabled:
‘Default Patient Pays Remaining’ ✅
‘Display Excess Field’ ✅

We recommend you disable the following fields (unless needed for a specific insurer or third party):

Display Co Pay Field ❌

Display Percentage Coverage Field ❌

For most clinics, your settings should look like this:

If you have any questions along the way, please email us at [email protected] to discuss your options.

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