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UK Insurance Step 3 - Insurance Policies 🇬🇧

We’ve broken this guidance up into small, digestible chunks. You’ll find links to the other steps at the bottom of the page.

Once you have Set up your Insurer Folders in Jane and created your Billing Codes you can get cracking with creating your Patient Policies. ​ To do this, you can either hop over to your Patient’s Profile or create a policy right from the Appointment Panel in your diary.

From the Patient Profile

From the Patient Profile, you can begin by heading to the Billing tab > Insurance Policies > New Insurance Policy.

From the Appointment

If you would like to enter a patient’s insurance information from the main diary, follow the steps below:

1) Click on the patient’s appointment in the Diary 2) In the Appointment Panel, scroll down and click to open the Insurance Info area 3) Click on the “Add Policy” button, and then select “Add New Policy”

Regardless of which way you start, the process from here is exactly the same.

First up, select the relevant Insurer/Third Party for the patient:

Next, you can optionally give the policy a name—this is for internal use, and should be useful in identifying the policy.

  • The only mandatory field is the Claim Number / Authorisation Code / Pre-Authorisation Number. The information in this field will display on all invoices for this policy.

  • The “Policy / Membership / Registration Number” field is optional in Jane. If you enter information in this field, it will display on all invoices for this policy.

You’ll find some more optional fields further down the page, many of which can be really useful in keeping track of where a patient is at with their treatment. In the below example, I’ve entered the maximum number of treatments authorised in the policy, the policy end date, and the date of the patient’s injury. Jane then knows to flag up and alert you when the patient has reached the maximum number of treatments, or the policy reaches its end date 🚨

You can also add contact details of the insurance company, or the case manager you’re liaising with (if applicable).

Further down the page again, you’ll find the default billing options. We find that the majority of clinics simply leave the defaults as they are, as they may not know the specific details of the patient’s excess until they’ve submitted the first invoice to the insurer. The default settings let Jane know the insurance company are covering 100% of the invoice.

If you do know the patient’s excess up front, just pop it in the ‘Excess’ field. Similarly, if you’re working with an insurer who cover a specific percentage of the invoices (e.g. 80%), you can change the default to the relevant amount.

Otherwise, stick with the default options and hit Save when you’re ready.

The New Insurance Policy will now show up under the patient’s Insurance Policies area.

And in the Appointment Panel in your diary:

Nice work, you just created your first insurance policy! 🎉

Next up, we’ll look at adding the policy and billing codes to appointments. This is where you’ll start to see all your progress in action.

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Written by Jamie - UK Support Team

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