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UK Insurance Step 2 - Billing Codes & Contract Rates 🇬🇧

We’ve broken this guidance up into small, digestible chunks. You’ll find links to the other steps at the bottom of the page.

Jane has a really clever way of setting you to set a default or private price for a treatment, while allowing you to override that price based on the fee structure of any third parties you work with. Jane uses billing codes and contracted rates to help you manage this. If you’re new to Jane, your previous software might have labelled them “fee codes” or “charges”.

Creating your billing codes

To get started, head to Settings > Billing Codes

In this area you can click New Billing Code

Set the Type as Billing Code, and then complete the remaining fields. Let’s create an example code for a Chiropractic Initial Assessment:

  1. Set the type as Billing Code.
  2. Give the code a name (you can search for codes by name in your diary and inside insurance policies). If the insurers you work with require you to include a specific name for the treatments or services you offer, input that here.
  3. Give the code a label, such as the discipline.
  4. This is the clever part 🤓. Set the default rate for the code. This could be either your private rate, or the rate you’ll most commonly charge (e.g. the rate for the insurer you do most work with).

After setting the default rate, you can populate your agreed contract rate with each insurer/third party. Jane uses these contract rates to override the default price of an appointment, depending on the insurer/third party linked to the patient.

For example, if I created an Axa insurance policy on a patient’s profile, then add the ‘Initial Assessment - Chiropractic’ code I created to their appointment, Jane will automatically change the fee for the visit to £55 based on my settings. 

Make sure to hit Create Billing Code to save your work.

We’ll take a look at how the billing codes and contract rates come into play when setting up insurance policies and managing your invoices in a subsequent guide. For now, let’s move on to creating insurance policies for your patients!

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Written by Jamie - UK Support Team

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