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Supervision (Beta)

Welcome to our beta guide on Supervision in Jane. Many clinics have practicum students or practitioners who haven’t received their full license yet (i.e. practicing therapists) and require a supervisor to sign off on their charts. This feature aims to simplify that process for both the supervisor and the supervise.

Here’s a quick overview before we get into the nitty-gritty:

  • A full-access user can set up a supervisory relationship between staff profiles
  • Supervisors cannot have their own supervisor
  • Supervisors can supervise multiple staff members
  • A staff member can only have one supervisor at a time (for now)
  • Supervisors can see all patient profiles and charts for the staff members they supervise
  • Supervised staff members will require their supervisor to sign off on all chart entries

Ok, let’s dive in. Feel free to jump to a section below. ⤵️

Setting up a supervisor relationship between staff profiles

To get started, You’ll set up a new supervision relationship between staff members.

You can do this by going to Settings and then selecting the Supervision tab.

From there, click Create Supervisory Relationship to set up a new relationship.

On the next page, select the staff member who is being supervised from the first drop-down. Then select the supervisor below and click Save.

Once the supervision relationship has been established, Jane will display the supervision relationship in the bottom right of the staff profile.

Requesting a supervisor’s signature

When the supervised staff member is ready to sign their chart, they’ll click the Add Signature button:

They’ll see a message telling them that once they sign their chart, they won’t be able to edit it further, and it’ll be in a draft state until their supervisor signs and locks it.

Reviewing and signing charts as a supervisor

Supervisors can view all of their supervisee’s charts by heading to their own profile and clicking the Supervision tab.

By default, they’ll see all charts for all of their supervisees in this area, but they can filter by staff member, state, and chart status.

Once the supervisor has reviewed a chart, they’ll click the Sign As Supervisor button and then confirm again.

What if the supervisor does not want to sign off on a chart?

We have plans to implement a feedback loop workflow soon, but for now here’s what to do if a supervisor does not want to sign a chart entry, or needs their supervisee to edit it first.

The supervised staff member who authored the chart will first duplicate the entry that needs to be changed.

Next, they’ll click on the entry with the Pending Signature tag and delete the entry.

Then, they can make changes to the duplicated entry in draft mode and send it to their supervisor.


What’s coming next?

We’ve got two enhancements on the horizon:

  1. The team is already busy building a workflow for when a supervisor needs edits made to a chart before they can sign it.

  2. Beyond that, we’re focusing on enabling a staff member to have multiple supervisors, and making a signature optional on some charts.

Does a supervisor have to sign the chart entry?

No, they can let their supervisee know that the chart needs edits before it can be signed. The supervisee can use this workflow above.

How will the chart appear on the appointment report? As a draft or signed entry?

The chart will appear on the supervised staff member’s appointment report as a draft until it has been signed by the supervisor.

Can I supervise multiple staff members?

Yes, you can supervise multiple staff members.

Can a supervisor be supervised?

No, a staff profile can either be a supervisor or a supervisee, but not both.

Can a supervisee make changes to their chart after it’s been submitted?

No, the chart will be uneditable once the supervisee signs it. However, they can follow this workflow above to duplicate the chart, change the new draft and resubmit it for their supervisor.

Can a supervisee make a chart that doesn’t get sent to their supervisor?

No, currently all of a supervisees charts will be sent to their supervisor to sign.

Who’s signature will appear on the exported chart?

Once the supervisor has signed the chart entry, both signatures will appear on the chart entry and export.

Can a chart signed by a supervisor be amended?

No, once a chart has been signed by a supervisor, there will be no option to amend it. However, the supervisee can amend a chart sent to a supervisor before the supervisor has signed it.

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