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Forms, Surveys, and Ratings

💡Heads up — this guide contains some workflows that are only available on the Practice or Thrive plan. We’ll let you know which workflows these are throughout the guide.

Welcome to our forms and surveys page. We have quite a few different features to help you collect information from your patients or clients, whether you’re wanting to collect feedback and ratings, send a new patient an intake form, or track a patient’s progress with a scorable survey. Let’s take a look at the different options we have and what they can do.

💡 We also have a handy table with a summary of each form & survey’s functionality

Intake Forms

Intake forms can be sent automatically when a patient books an appointment online or administratively. Intake forms can include a questionnaire, and be used to collect insurance and payment information if you’re using Jane Payments. You can also create intake forms for a specific discipline, appointment type, or practitioner.

Click on any of our guides below to learn more. If you’re new to intake forms, we recommend starting with the first guide at the top.

Clinical Surveys

With Clinical Surveys, you can collect information from a patient before or after their scheduled in-person appointment, or at the time of booking online.

You may also choose to have a clinical survey go out to all patients each time they book or attend an in-person appointment. Alternatively, the survey can send automatically to individual patients on a regular schedule for a customizable length of time.

💡 You can also add scored questions to a Clinical Survey to create an Outcome Measures Survey. Jane will automatically tally up the scores to help you track patient outcomes over time. Check out our guide below to learn more. ⤵️

Ratings & Reviews

💡Heads up — the Ratings & Reviews features below are available on the Thrive Plan.

Ratings & Reviews allows you to automatically reach out to your patients after an appointment to collect valuable feedback about their experience. You can also use the Ratings & Reviews feature to direct patient feedback to Google, though you’ll want to check out this guide to see if your governing body allows you to publicly market patient testimonials.

Comparison Table

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